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Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is not just about delicious tea, it’s about a lifestyle. In 1969 an inspiring spiritual leader called Yogi Bhajan began teaching Kundalini Yoga in America. Having studied in India, he passed on his knowledge and wisdom of healthy living to his students and after every class, he would serve a special tea which became known as 'Yogi Tea'.

Nowadays, Yogi Tea works with farmers to gather organic herbs and spices across Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Africa, Europe and beyond, but stay true to the ancient traditions that first created these exquisite herbal teas.

When it comes to a cup of tea, only the best will do for us at Wholefoody. Which means the 3000-year-old Ayurvedic philosophy behind Yogi Tea, and their 40-year strong brand is just the ticket, thank you very much.

From their classic aromatic spice tea to their chai range and their bedtime teas, Yogi Tea have never failed to show us how much inspiration there is in a cuppa. But we’d expect as much from a brand with such a wealth of experience to put into their products.

Each tea from Yogi Tea comes with a little dose of mindfulness, as each and every pack has a little bit of wisdom and a yoga exercise right there on the packaging. Their aim is and always has been to bring consumers to a more peaceful state of mind, all in the happiness of a cup of tea.

Mindful, natural balance

Yogi Tea’s commitment to mindfulness isn’t limited to their consumers, either. Their organic products are mindful of nature, too, thanks to their roots in Ayurveda. By honouring awareness and balance in their business, Yogi Tea consciously tries to do the right thing from the tea they make, the packaging it’s sold in and the way they ship it around the world.

One of the first truly organic brands, they put as much care and thought into their organic ingredients today as they did when they began. That means no artificial additives, flavours, flavour enhancers, chemical fertilisers of genetically modified organisms. It’s all 100% as organic as it gets. 

Why we love Yogi Tea

At Wholefoody, we’re proud to sell Yogi Tea products because we understand as they do, that mindfulness is a conscious, daily struggle and not just a one and done thing. Yogi Tea work to continually improve their products, their business and their impact on the world, with the firm belief that actions speak louder than words.

In fact, their company motto is “Feel good, be good, do good”, which tells you exactly how committed to their responsibility towards nature they are.

Their philosophy for mindfulness and goodness extends to their partners, suppliers and the communities where their products are grown too. Yogi Tea support social projects to improve living standards where their produce is sourced, and their raw ingredients are shipped entirely CO2 neutrally.

Yogi Tea products are, from start to finish, aware of environmental responsibility, and fully immersed and supportive of the organic, wholefood lifestyle. They take the sustainability of everything they do as seriously as you’d expect, striving to improve at every turn, which is why we at Wholefoody are proud to sell their products.