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At Wholefoody, when we want to add some healthy nutrients to our daily intake, seeds are our favourite choice. Since they’re so versatile and easy to enjoy, we’re all for adding them to our cooking (savoury and sweet!), baking with them, throwing them in a smoothie or even just snacking on them.

For those looking to keep their lifestyle as natural, whole and organic as possible, our range of seeds can be a great option to boost your daily intake of healthy fats, protein and all kinds of nutrients.

Organic seeds

Organic seeds are a great addition to any diet, to provide exactly the right kind of natural energy the human body needs on a daily basis (varying hugely in taste, texture and flavour depending on your choice). At Wholefoody, our particular favourite is to throw seeds into a recipe for a little texture and crunch to liven things up!

Whether you want to cook with them or eat them right from the bag, we have a huge range of organic seeds to choose from, from chia, pumpkin and hemp to more exotic varieties like alfalfa, pomegranate and milk thistle.

If the sheer variety of organic seeds on offer at Wholefoody hasn’t already enticed you to try something new, how about the benefits of consuming vegetable seeds as part of a healthy, well-rounded organic lifestyle? 

Health benefits of eating seeds

Seeds are incredibly nutritious and a great source of fibre. Many seeds are associated with improving skin, hair and overall health as they’re not only full of fibre but high in iron, protein, mono- and poly-unsaturated fats.

Organic vegetable seeds are also a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making them a tasty textural addition to most meals and many drinks, too. 

Nutritious, delicious and versatile

You can eat edible seeds alone, but why not try mixing it up a bit and adding them to your favourite meals and foods?

Throw some chia seeds into your smoothie for instant texture and added vitamins and minerals. Stir a handful of pumpkin seeds into your morning porridge. Sprinkle sesame into your lunchtime noodles or salads for a protein boost, or even make your own spread and serve it on toast.

Seeds at Wholefoody are organic and ready to eat, but if you’re worried about all that extra crunch, they’re also great for soaking and grinding, too.

Tasty and nutritious vegetable seeds from Wholefoody are available in various options to cater to your needs, whether that’s in small amounts for home cooking or in bulk for use in cafes and restaurants.

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