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How excited can you get about something as simple as liquorice? If you’re asking this question, you’ve clearly never tasted RJ’s iconic liquorice choc log!

This thing really is the stuff of legends in sweet circles - a world-first at the time of its launch and unbeaten to date. Considering it has been around for more than two decades, that’s a pretty sweet achievement for a small Kiwi confectioner.

RJ’s has only ever put its name to the most downright delicious liquorice creations money can buy. Founded by a father and son team dissatisfied with what was already sold in stores and supermarkets, RJ’s has grown into a leviathan on the scene with more than 10 million annual product sales worldwide.

Inventing Challenging & Discovering All the Time

“Even with a booming factory and a team of lolly makers perfecting the recipe, Roger and RJ weren't done. “What if we coated our liquorice with chocolate?” they wondered. Marrying together liquorice and chocolate was no easy task. During their many tests a thought occurred to them... “what if we put the chocolate inside the liquorice?” And so, in the year 2000, this dream came true. The arrival of the RJ’s iconic liquorice choc log, a world first. Liquorice lovers around the world couldn’t get enough of it.” - RJ’s

The story of RJ’s begins back in 1995, when liquorice-loving Roger Halliwell and his son Regan James could no longer contain their disdain. In a nutshell, the pair reached the conclusion that they could make something superior to every liquorice product currently on sale in New Zealand. There was no shortage of sweet treats stacked on the shelves, but they figured the time had come for something better.

Fast forward three years and they had already become the name in luxurious liquorice treats for their native NZ. They were producing several tons of the stuff each day, simply to keep up with demand. It wasn’t long before the RJ’s brand went international, and its fame was cemented by the iconic liquorice choc log.

It may seem a bizarre concept on the surface, but one taste and you’ll know there’s a method to these guys’ combined madness.

Committed to Quality and Enjoyment

RJ’s has long since achieved world domination, but resting on their laurels is something these guys simply do not do. Instead, they’re constantly looking for ways to improve their already-remarkable formulas and make every product even more enjoyable.

Importantly, RJ’s remains committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients from sustainable sources, across its entire product range. All of which means that along with the feel-good factor eating sweets, you can also smile in the knowledge you’re not filling your body with questionable chemicals.

Why We Love RJ’s

Admittedly, only those who understand and appreciate liquorice will get a kick out of RJ’s products. It’s always been one of those ‘love it or hate it’ confectioneries, which never fails to divide public opinion. Some can’t get enough of it, while others shudder at the mere mention of it.

Here at Wholefoody, we’re proud members of the former camp. We love liquorice, we love those who make quality liquorice and we’re always on the lookout for something innovative. Hence, our obsession with the RJ’s liquorice choc log - a work of art that defies logic by being ridiculously delicious!

You’ll find a select range of popular products from RJ’s collection in our online catalogue, available for prompt delivery to any UK address. As always, please contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you need.

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