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Pasta - if ever there was a product to divide the healthy eating community down the middle, this is it. There’s nothing particularly unhealthy about regular pasta, but neither is it packed with nutritional value. It can also be difficult to digest and is a common cause of bloating - even for those who don’t need to follow a gluten-free lifestyle.

But when it comes to the award-winning pasta made by Rizopia, none of the above applies.

These guys have single-handedly transformed what it means to enjoy the most delicious and versatile pasta, with none of the downsides. Made from brown rice, Rizopia pasta is a fantastic alternative to conventional pasta that’s also 100% gluten-free.

Not to mention, 100% organic and 100% compatible with all your favourite pasta recipes!

Award-winning, Gluten-Free Organic Pasta

“Whether you simply appreciate fine quality, organic food ingredients or you’re looking for a tasty, wheat-free alternative to pasta for health reasons, our award winning, brown rice pastas will not only tantalise your taste buds but make you feel great too.” - Rizopia

What’s great about Rizopia pasta is how it is not just another generic pasta alternative, designed to imitate the real thing. Nor does switching to Rizopia’s products mean compromising on flavour, versatility or the feel-good factor pasta is famous for.

In fact, Rizopia is all about taking the feel-good factor to the next level… literally. Not only do their products taste great, but they can also make you feel better after eating them.

If you ever feel bloated and heavy after eating conventional pasta, you owe it to yourself to sample these products.

As Rizopia pasta is made from brown rice, it does not cause any of the potentially unpleasant side effects associated with standard pasta. It’s packed with fibre, made with 100% natural ingredients and put together by a team you can tell is passionate about what they do.

Pasta made with care and attention

The mantra of the folks behind Rizopia pasta is simple but ambitious. The way these guys see it - healthy shouldn’t mean unappetising. The co-founder of Rizopia pasta was inspired to do things better when he found the gluten-free pastas currently on supermarket shelves far from satisfying.

Having failed to find anything that wasn’t rock hard, slimy, brittle or bad-tasting, he set about finding a more desirable alternative. His quest ultimately took him to Canada, where he found a small family business making something marvellous. Instantly hooked, he decided he simply had to bring their recipe over to the UK… and the rest is history!

It’s now been more than 10 years since Rizopia was established, during which the company has taken home countless awards and built a huge fanbase. Irrespective of whether you have a sensitivity to gluten, these pasta products come highly recommended.

Why We Love Rizopia Pasta

Pasta that is available through prescription on the NHS as a health product - what more can we say? This really is quite a remarkable achievement and a fitting ‘cherry on the cake’ for the Rizopia story.

At Wholefoody, we have always put our backing to brands and businesses that do things differently. Not simply for the sake of it, but with a genuine cause in mind. In the case of Rizopia, that cause is making it easy and affordable for millions of gluten-intolerant people to enjoy pasta properly.

All products from Rizopia can be used in exactly the same way as conventional pasta, with no compromise on taste, flavour or enjoyment. And frankly, we think that’s pretty amazing.

If you cannot find exactly what you need, please contact the Wholefoody team anytime for more information.