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Rhythm 108

Traditionally, there have been certain labels and claims to fame that have taken the sparkle out of chocolatey treats. 100% Vegan, 100% organic, 100% gluten-free, low sugar - all associated with sweets that have never been particularly satisfying.

This is precisely what the folks on Rhythm 108 are on a mission to reverse, having successfully combined the art of sumptuous Swiss chocolate-making with the elimination of all animal products. For the first time, opting for something that is 100% vegan and 100% gluten-free does not have to mean compromising on quality or enjoyment.

Quite the opposite - one taste of anything on the table from Rhythm 108 and you’re hopelessly hooked.

Consciously Crafted, Deliciously Swiss

“Through our Swiss heritage, we encourage compassion and nurture meaningful connections to find the joy in life’s simple pleasures. Using Swiss tradition and modern nutritional wisdom, our treats are made slowly and by hand by a dedicated team of world-class Pâtissiers in our Swiss bakery.” - Rhythm 108

According to the team behind the brand, Rhythm 108’s goal is to use small treats to inspire big change. From day one, this is a company that has championed quality, taste and innovation, while at all times prioritising ethics and sustainability.

Every product bearing the Rhythm 108 name is handmade from scratch, through a combination of time-honoured baking techniques and cutting-edge innovation.

Rhythm 108 works closely with a team of world-class Pâtissiers and Chocolatiers, to produce the most exquisite plant-based products for those with a seriously sweet tooth.

From the Foothills of the Alps to Your Doorstep

Deeply inspired by a picturesque home at the base of the Swiss Alps, Rhythm 108 is a conscientious company that has always prioritised environmental concerns. Constantly looking for ways to minimise its impact on the environment and put something back, this brand specialises in treats that are good to eat and good for the planet.

Today’s Rhythm 108 product line-up encompasses a diverse range of snacks to suit all tastes, including chocolate bars, cookies, cakes and more. All produced with no animal ingredients whatsoever and 100% suitable for vegans.

Why We Love Rhythm 108

Who said eating healthier had to be boring? Certainly not the folks at Rhythm 108, where nutrition and wellness remain core concerns for the company even today. All Rhythm 108 products are designed and manufactured with healthier living in mind, containing less sugar than comparable sweets and absolutely no palm oil.

As always, we’re big fans of brands that do things differently for the benefit of all involved. Which pretty much sums up Rhythm 108 in a nutshell - a brand that specialises in 100% plant-based chocolates and sweets of the highest quality, while demonstrating total commitment to sustainability.

You’ll find a select range of popular products from Rhythm 108 featured here in our online catalogue. Place your order online for prompt home delivery, or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you need featured here.