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Rebel Kitchen

Meet Rebel Kitchen - a small team of innovators on a seriously ambitious mission. Unlike some, these guys aren’t simply out to introduce another semi-palatable range of plant-based alternatives to popular dairy products. Far from it, in fact. Their goal is to revolutionise food and transform the way the world looks at plant-based living.

Too much to ask? A question only those who have yet to try the latest lines from Rebel Kitchen would ask!

Quite simply one of the finest dairy-free product collections on the market right now, Rebel Kitchen proudly demonstrates how sustainability and responsibility can also be downright delicious.

Always Questioning ‘Y’

“We are revolutionising food for everyone with sustainable, healthy, plant-based alternatives that taste mind-blowingly good. It’s our duty to help improve the health of the planet and its people through sustainable and responsible food production. Why do we eat what we eat? Why don’t we know where our food comes from? Why are there so many choices, but no simple option? Why did we stop questioning Y?” - Rebel Kitchen

The ethos behind the Rebel Kitchen product collection is not to create pseudo-dairy alternatives that tastes ‘sort of’ like dairy. Nor is it to put out products that can be used in place of dairy as a second-rate plant-based substitute.

Instead, Rebel Kitchen is all about blending plants in a way that creates dreamy dairy-free products that taste as good as or better than the real thing. Each and every product produced is 100% dairy-free, 100% gluten-free and 100% refined-sugar-free. They also contain no thickeners, no preservatives and no stabilisers.

They even offer their plant-based milk in full-fat and semi-skimmed variants - just like the real thing!

Rebels Born and Bred

According to the folks at Rebel Kitchen, their products are just the thing for those who’ve tasted a whole bunch of plant-based milk and not found one that satisfies. The non-dairy milk from Rebel Kitchen have been designed to break the mould, simply because they really do taste like the real thing.

It’s not just about creating something with an appearance and consistency that replicates dairy. Use any product from Rebel Kitchen in any way you can think of and you would never know it’s not real milk.

From baking to cooking to the most creative coffee concoctions, Rebel Kitchen does everything the real stuff does and more.

Why We Love Rebel Kitchen

By now, the reason we adore Rebel Kitchen should be fairly obvious. These guys have poured their hearts and souls into the development of a decadent dairy-free product line-up that’s like nothing else out there. All the while, being mindful of what really matters - sustainability and doing what’s right for the environment.

Realistically, there’s not much more you could ask of them. That’s why we’re proud to recommend and endorse the full Rebel Kitchen product collection.

You’ll find a selection of the most popular products from Rebel Kitchen featured in our online catalogue. If you are unable to see exactly what you need listed here, please contact the Wholefoody team for more information.

Otherwise, place your order online and we will have your Rebel Kitchen goodies delivered to your door in no time.

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