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Rampal Latour

Rampal Latour is a leading name in the manufacture of organic cosmetics and genuine Marseille soap. Committed to personal care and home care products that are kind to the environment, this brand has been a noted innovator in all-natural skin care since 1828.

Today, Rampal Latour continues to fly the flag for conscientious cosmetic production and distribution. For products that are as enjoyable to use as they are environmentally friendly, look no further.

Taking Care Of You, Every Day

“Marseille Soap is much more than a soap. It is the pride of Provence. The passion of a craft. A praise to nature. A wholesome presence. A lifestyle. Rampal Latour’s secret? From a taste for innovation, for the constant modernization of production tools to the audacity of manufacturing propositions. All that of course, without skimping on the quality and tradition. For us, pioneers in the art of making the true Marseille soap. It’s the reminder of the trust our clients have shown us for 190 years.” - Rampal Latour

With a legacy extending almost two centuries, Rampal Latour is no ordinary soap manufacturer. Nor is the Marseille soap they produce anything less than extraordinary. In fact, it’s the ultimate in natural everyday skincare.

Rampal Latour manufactures its soap by way of a patented production procedure, using the same basic ingredients and saponification process trusted since 1828. Over the generations following the company’s beginnings, they would go on to receive a long list of prestigious accolades - including the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

As with most purveyors of premium natural products, the secret to the success of Rampal Latour is its commitment to simplicity. Rather than loading its products with questionable compounds and synthetic additives, Rampal Latour focuses on the natural cleansing and moisturising power of the simplest ingredients.

The result - an extensive range of personal care and home care products that have achieved cult status.

Skincare in its Purest Form

Committed to innovation and the advancement of gentle skincare, Rampal Latour is continuously expanding its product line up with new and exciting additions. The company recently introduced an all-new collection of 100% organic products, along with an ultra-gentle collection of skincare products for babies and pregnant women.

For almost 200 years, this brand has strived to create products that deliver skincare in its purest form. Even today, refinements are being made to the company’s centuries-old formulas to ensure their continuous and ongoing improvement.

Why We Love Rampal Latour

A brand that has spent almost two centuries mastering the art of pure, natural and gentle skincare. What’s not to love?

Rampal Latour’s commitment to the environment has made it a firm favourite for conscientious households for generations. Even today, they continue to set impossibly high standards for others to follow.

You’ll find a selection of Rampal Latour’s most popular products in our online catalogue, which we’re expanding regularly to include their latest and greatest lines. If you don’t see the exact product you need, please contact the Wholefoody team for more information.

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