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Pukka Herbs started out small in 2001, founded on a passion for promoting health and wellbeing through providing organic herbal remedies and teas.

Their unique range is based on the principals of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian philosophy which translates as 'the art of living wisely'. Their different teas and herbal beverages concentrate on different elements of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so while each drink is refreshing and aromatic, you can choose which will suit your needs best.

Pukka believes in the importance of running an ethical business that respects the relationship between humans and the environment. Their herbs are ecologically grown in sustainable managed farming co-operative projects, organically certified by the Soil Association. Their farmers are paid a fair wage, and Pukka does further work with charities in their producer communities to ensure that they really are helping to create a global community with their tasty beverages.

When it comes to herbal creations, no one knows their stuff like Pukka. Created with the intent to heal the health of people and the planet, Pukka Herbs began in 2001 when two like-minded guys with incredibly different skill sets came together to make something magical.

At Wholefoody, we understand that your health is important. Organic living is an incredibly powerful way to improve and boost your health and change your lifestyle. But we also know that there are some things in life that we just can’t give up, and one of those things is our love of tea.

Yes, we know it’s a stereotype here in the UK, but it’s a beloved one. Which is why it’s so important for us to be able to work with brands who share our beliefs about ethical, sustainable and organic foods, but also make a mighty fine cuppa.

Organic Herbs

The herbal creations at Pukka are expertly crafted to ensure you’ll never drink a cup and find yourself with a dusty, flavourless mouthful. In fact, Pukka pride themselves on not only the tastiness of their concoctions, but their ability to improve your health, the natural way.

Pukka’s organic herbs are sustainably sourced from around the globe, and the company is Fair for Life certified. Even their packaging is a shining example of fair and ethical trade. Well-established as they are, it’s hard to imagine a time when Pukka was merely an idea between two people who wanted to share their love of herbs with the world in a sustainable, ethical and organic way, sticking to the holistic principles of Ayurveda as they went.

Thus grew the selection of teas from Pukka, all created with the intent to support people’s health and show off the magic of herbalism in conjunction with scientific research. However, creator Sebastian wasn’t content with just making teas, and Pukka now also make a selection of amazing syrups, aloe vera drinks and herbal supplements, too. 

Why we love Pukka

Each tea, supplement, latte, syrup and drink is made with fairly sourced, practitioner-grade organic herbs, packaged in sustainable packaging from the box to the stitching on the tea bags. Pukka’s promise is to protect the planet as best as possible, by having the lightest touch on nature you can imagine. That’s why they were certified as a carbon neutral company in 2019.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Pukka continue to release delicious new creations that appeal to all kinds of tastes and lifestyles, with a strong emphasis on the health benefits of their organic herbal ingredients. In fact, more than 22% of their employees are formally qualified in herbal medicine, nutrition or plant medicine, which goes a long way to explaining just how good Pukka’s products are!

At Wholefoody, we want to provide products that are not only organic, whole and healthy because they’re naturally and sustainably grown. But where we can, we also want to support brands and a lifestyle that genuinely improves your health and quality of life, which is why we’re proud to sell Pukka products.