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As you’d expect, transforming oats, rice, grains and other organic ingredients into plant-based dairy substitutes isn’t easy. At least, in the case of dairy substitutes that are as good as (or even better than) the real thing.

It’s a field in which only a select few innovators thrive and set the standards others try to follow - one of which being Provamel.

Famed for its extensive range of delicious plant-based dairy substitutes, Provamel excels as a responsible, transparent and comprehensively eco-conscious producer. Everything the company makes is 100% organic and 100% plant-based; no GMO ingredients, no chemical pesticides, and no antibiotics involved.

Artificial additives, preservatives and colourings are also excluded from every formula; this results in safe, healthy and sustainable alternatives to a wide variety of dairy products.

Total Commitment to the Cause

“We rigorously evaluate every ingredient on its added value and we will never use unnecessary ones. We are open and honest so everybody can understand all our ingredients and why we put them in. What doesn’t fit, we leave out. We're not perfect, but ever since we started out in 1983, we’ve been dedicated to doing better.” - Provamel

Provamel is one of a number of noted plant-based product manufacturers fronting the campaign to combat climate change worldwide. The company was one of the first companies in Europe to join the WWF Climate Savers program in 2011; they have subsequently made major operational changes to reduce their carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

It’s a mission that continues to this day, with Provamel continually making strides towards total sustainability. Around 88% of the material that goes into Provamel’s product packaging is bio-based, and the goal is to increase this to 100% in the near future.

In addition, Provamel is committed to sourcing manufacturing processes that use less land, less water and less CO2. Efforts to improve sustainability at Provamel over the years now mean that every product is effectively carbon neutral. While the company cannot claim to be 100% carbon neutral right now, it’s on their (long) list of ambitious sustainability goals for the next few years.

Why We Love Provamel

If you know Wholefoody, you’ll know we’re proud supporters of all brands and businesses that champion sustainability. As one of the most eco-conscious companies of its kind on the market right now, Provamel earns our official seal of approval (and then some!).

The responsible and ethical approach adopted by Provamel is impressive enough in its own right. And that’s before you experience the downright deliciousness of their products first-hand, which are frankly a revelation. Luxurious, silky, smooth, creamy and decadent in the extreme, they’re a cut above traditional dairy products in every way.

All without a shred of the guilt, and with the feel-good factor that comes with knowing you’re doing the right thing!

Check out we have on offer from Provamel; or contact the Wholefoody team anytime to learn more.

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