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What’s the secret behind Panda’s exquisite all-natural liquorice? There isn’t one - and that’s precisely where the magic lies!

There’s nothing technologically advanced or scientifically sophisticated about anything Panda produces, and all to the company’s credit. Instead, these guys prefer to prioritise natural ingredients, traditional production processes and sustainable sourcing.

The result - 100% pure and 100% lush liquorice, which has been enjoyed worldwide for nearly 100 years. By staying true to everything that made Panda a success almost a century ago, they’re won the hearts of today’s plant-based sweet-toothed shopper!

Pure. Tasty. Perfection.

“Every liquorice candy lover knows that Panda Natural liquorice is a classic. Always right from the first bite, it’s exactly how liquorice should be – soft, mouth-watering and deliciously tasty. We make Panda Natural liquorice from just a few carefully selected natural ingredients without any artificial nastiness. Our liquorice candy is the purest you can find, and we’re proud of it.” - Panda

If you are what you eat, then it pays to know what goes into the products you buy. This is something Panda holds close to its heart; they have produced a range of liquorice with some of the shortest list of ingredients of any comparable sweets on the market.

Just a handful of ingredients were needed to create the original Panda formula in the 1920s - why fix what’s clearly not broken?

Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives - not a trace of any in Panda’s liquorice. All products from Panda are also 100% Vegan, 100% fat-free and 100% free from high-fructose corn syrup. They’re suitable for people with sensitivities to soy and no palm oil is used in the production of Panda liquorice.

When the folks at Panda say they keep things simple, they mean it!

Sustainability is also an obsession at Panda, where an impressive 90% of all energy they use comes from renewable sources. They also boast a near-100% waste utilisation - most of which is used for energy production, feeding animals or composted. As if every bite of Panda liquorice wasn’t already sweet enough, it tastes even better when you know how it’s made!

Why We Love Panda

Love liquorice (like we do) or hate it, you can’t help but be impressed by the way Panda does business. For almost a century, Panda has remained true to its origins, fulfilling its commitment to responsibility and sustainability. Even today, the company continues to make every possible effort to reduce its environmental footprint and minimise resource utilisation.

At Wholefoody, we love brands and producers that put something back. Panda takes things to extremes with its responsible approach; all while managing to produce the most exquisitely delicious sweets imaginable.

If liquorice is your thing, we guarantee you will not find a better brand than Panda. Check out what’s on offer; or contact the Wholefoody team anytime to learn more.

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