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Overflowing with flavour, nuts (whether whole, in pieces or ground) are among the most nutritional and natural foods any health foods advocate could dream of. Easy to add to any diet as part of a meal or a quick snack, there's a reason people go nuts for nuts.

With our vast selection of organic, high-quality nuts (including whole, crushed, ground, powdered, shelled, roasted, salted and blanched varieties), we've got you covered no matter what your culinary needs.

If you're one of those still wondering are nuts good for you, you won't be wondering for long. (Spoiler alert; yes, they are!)

Why buy nuts?

  • Eat them raw, roasted, ground or blanched; they're always tasty!
  • They're amazingly all-purpose! Bake 'em, cook 'em, grab 'em for a snack.
  • The high protein in nuts makes them ideal for vegans and vegetarians
  • They're chock full of important nutrients and essential minerals, which makes them nutritious and delicious!

So why buy nuts online? The better question is, why not buy nuts online?

Health benefits of nuts

Are nuts good for you? YES!

Unless you have a nut allergy, you should never again wonder if nuts are good for you. Packed with everything from potassium to iron, zinc, selenium, high fibre and healthy fats (not to mention the high protein nuts also contain), these versatile natural delights are indeed full of health benefits. Nut fans, rejoice!
Be sure not to overdo them, though, everything in moderation (as they say!).

Organic varieties and more

We have many organic options available, including whole nuts, broken nuts and nut pieces, flaked nuts, groundnuts and nut flours and a large nut butter range. We also do roasted and salted varieties, making a tasty and nutritious snack packed full of flavour and incredibly moreish. Discover a world of versatility - think cashew satay sauce, creamy pasta sauces, vegan 'cheese' dips and of course, nut roasts! For recipes including nuts, take a look here.
Introduce them into your baking and cooking for extra nutrition - particularly useful for a vegan diet when protein sources can be tricky to find when you are new to the diet.