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Minor Figures

Celebrities of 100% plant-based and carbon-neutral coffee, Minor Figures are just like you - coffee lovers to a fault!

A passion for sustainability, a plant-based calling and an adoration for smooth, delectable coffee beans and the perfect cuppa brought this team together. And this really is a cause for rejoicing among the vegan world.

Coming to you direct from their microbrewery in London, Minor Figures source, roast and brew the best coffee from all over the world. As a brand, they’re the embodiment of their personalities - a crew of creatives with bundles of energy. And they don’t take themselves too seriously either, which is always a welcome and refreshing change of pace!

From humble beginnings with dreams of making the perfect coffee with the perfect beans, Minor Figures has grown into an awe-inspiring brand of eco champions. They’ve risen to the challenges we vegans face with style and aplomb, promoting reusable and sustainable ethics at every turn.

Among this independent brand’s offerings of ‘coffee, oat milk, chai and other stuff’, you’ll find absolutely no added sugar (only natural oat sugars); nothing but 100% plant-based ingredients; completely dairy-free options. Naturally free of lactose and without a trace of animal protein - that’s how these guys roll.

A mixed bag for those of you hunting gluten-free options - Minor Figures products do contain trace amounts of gluten. However, you can count on their products to be as low in gluten as possible. Through strict contamination monitoring requirements, they’re able to guarantee their Oat M*lk products have under 100ppm of gluten (from rye, wheat and barley).

You won’t find the Fairtrade symbol on these products, because (in the brand’s own words), their coffee is ‘fairer than Fairtrade’. Rather than fall in line with a model they consider lacking in accountability, Minor Figures work with an entirely separate, speciality trade model - one that ensures a real living wage for coffee farmers, instead of the bare minimum.

And, of course, cutting down the degrees of separation between farming the beans and you enjoying them isn’t just better for the farmers and producers - it’s better for your cuppa, too!

All Aboard The Vegan Train

“Our head product guy, James, went vegan. And the rest is pretty much history - we either had to re-jig our entire product line to go plant-based or lose our head taste-tester. Guess he’s a pretty special guy, because we decided to commit to the plant-based lifestyle with him - which has since snowballed into a full on sustainability mission focused on sourcing principles, carbon neutrality, and becoming a B-Corp.” - Minor Figures

Musicians, painters, barbers and sports fans, the talent behind Minor Figures extends far beyond producing incredible coffee, oat milk or chai. They say their products are 100% vegan friendly, and designed to lift your coffee and your mind. And we’ve got to say, we’re inclined to agree that they’ve achieved both!

Sustainability drives many vegans, and it’s certainly a cornerstone of Minor Figures. Heck, one of their founders was also responsible for creating reusable coffee mugs with his company KeepCup.

This is a brand that’s always learning and growing, and always has an eye on the horizon for new and better methods. It’s this devotion to being better than has led them to a state of being 100% carbon neutral; they carry their commitment to our planet with them in everything they do, whether it’s championing biodiversity, restoring communities and ecosystems, or (you guessed it), brewing delicious vegan coffee!

Truly, Minor Figures has achieved a LOT for the good fight since they hit the market back in 2014. From those humble days where their offering was merely a single carton of cold brew to a wildly successful global expansion that’s helped them reach millions of lives, their sense of responsibility and dedication to innovative sustainability has only deepened.

They say those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones who do, and they’re right! We think Minor Figures fits that bill nicely.

Why We Love Minor Figures

Any brand that stands up in defence of our Mother Earth is one we will gladly sing the supporting praises of. Minor Figures has demonstrated time and again the desire to encourage the world towards the plant-based way of life. But more importantly, they follow up on that desire with action the mainstream cannot help but notice.

And yet, they never cross the line into oppressors, choosing to remain as positive incentivisers instead, sponsoring vegan food and outings or offering cafe customers free Oat M*lk coffees. Let’s face it, we know how the mainstream can view we vegans at times, but Minor Figures are the kind of champions we need to help show the others the way.

All that aside, it’s hard not to fall in love with their incredible products - all roasted to perfection and abundant with the deepest nuances of every ingredient. It really has to be tried to be believed, but we’re confident you’ll see what we mean.

Are you convinced yet? Ready to sample the future of coffee? Then check out our collection of Minor Figures products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.