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Meridian Foods have been producing wholesome tasty foods from their factory in the rolling Welsh countryside for nearly 30 years. They are a company that scours the globe for the finest ingredients to go into their delicious organic products for you; the health-conscious consumer. All Meridian foods are made without additives or preservatives and with the minimal processing possible. The whole range is certified organic by the Soil Association and is suitable for vegetarians.

You might have figured it out by now, but at Wholefoody, we believe the best food is as natural as it gets. Since that’s what Meridian’s ethos and products are all about, we’re big fans of their brand and we think you will be too.

For health-conscious consumers with a love of everything organic, Meridian are something of a household name, especially when it comes to nuts and nut products. Founded back in the 80s, they’re not exactly new on the wholefood scene, but they’re certainly important. Proud to source their ingredients sustainably, Meridian believe their ingredients should be treated with subtlety and simplicity, ensuring the products are as naturally delicious as possible.

100% Vegan-friendly

All of Meridian’s products are vegan-friendly, plant-based and deliciously nut-tritious (get it?). And their commitment to respecting the earth and determination to have only a positive impact as food producers only adds to their appeal. At Wholefoody, it’s important that the brands we work with are ethical and supportive of an organic lifestyle, so providing Meridian products brings us quite a bit of joy, actually.

One of the fastest-growing food brands in the UK, Meridian’s nut butters are all made in their North Wales Factory, and are also the first nut butters in the UK to be certified as free of palm oil. That might sound a bit confusing, if you’re not familiar with palm oil, but put simply; many brands add palm oil to their nut butters in order to prevent the natural (and nutritious) nut oils from separating.

Since palm oil and its derivatives aren’t sustainable, Meridian aren’t on board with using them in their products, and their solution is to simply not use them. That way, their products are all-natural, full of the goodness of the nuts themselves, and you just have to give their products a bit of a stir when you open them up. Easy, really. 

Why we love Meridian

Being 100% palm oil free, Meridian understand that there’s more to organic food than the food itself. It’s a lifestyle for those who really care about protecting the environment and the planet we live on, because Meridian know for a fact that natural foods just taste better!

Their range of nut butters are not only vegan and organic, but complemented by an amazing range of home baking ingredients, fruit spread, nut bars and cooking sauces. All of which are also vegan and organic.

At Meridian (and Wholefoody), we’re determined in our mission to make organic the new normal. That means working with nature, improving animal welfare and taking chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers out of our environment. Meridian have made an amazing start to this, and we at Wholefoody want to continue it by providing their products, so you can too.