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High-quality baking isn’t easy… but shouldn’t it be? As we progress technologically, it’s too easy for so many of us to forget our roots. But that’s not the case with the Marriage family of Marriage’s, The Master Millers.

This family has been farmers and millers dating way back into the seventeenth century. Two hundred years of working with flour runs through this brand’s operation. What does that mean for you? Well, put simply, it means you’re getting only the best there is.

With a firm family-first ethos and dedication to organic production (the kind that long pre-dates going organic being a more common decision), Marriage’s flour proves one simple fact: with the right ingredients, anything is possible.

You get out what you put in, and when you treat your baking endeavours with the kind of flour Marriage’s produces, you’re the one who’s really in for a treat.

Producing superior flour and the highest customer satisfaction has been this family’s focus for centuries. And if you’re hovering over that buy button now, then you’re about to find out why.

With their commitment to supporting the British food and farming industry, their policy against genetically modified wheat, and their extensive involvement within the agricultural, milling and baking industries (including the Better Organic Bread Project), you’re in good hands here, friend.

Need any more convincing that Marriage’s are on the side of the vegan-friendly eco defenders? Well, their director helped establish the Organic Food Federation, and they were also a pledged supporter of the ‘Why I Love Organic’ campaign. For those out of the know, that was a three-year programme designed to help consumers understand the benefits of organic produce and lifestyles back in 2011.

Supporting Home Bakers

“Marriage’s has been producing superior quality flour since 1924. As long established family run flour millers, we want your baking experience to be a success.” - Marriage’s, The Master Millers

When we said you’re getting only the best here, we meant it. Whether you’re baking bread for the joy of it (does anything beat the scent of baking bread?), or a professional calling, Marriage’s is as good as it gets.

Their organic range of culinary and speciality flours come to you from traditional, tried and tested stone-based techniques. This means you’re getting the most premium flour on the market, suitable for even the most prestigious of bakeries.

Marriage’s are also committed to consistency. They only ever choose the best possible grains, and source their wheat from local farmers in Essex. As you can imagine, this helps them confidently stand by their guarantee of exceptional quality flour at its finest.

You’ll also often find this baking family involved in any way possible to help shine a light for the public on the skills and resulting products of traditional bakeries. When they say they want your baking experience to succeed, these guys really mean it! And when they say they champion bakery excellence, you can be assured that with Marriage’s on your side, bakery excellence is exactly what you’ll achieve.

Their website is also packed with a range of recipes to help you become the best baker you can be, from quick hits to longer-term projects.

Why We Love Marriage’s

It’s tough to think of a brand more supportive of its customers than Marriage’s, The Master Millers. But, in truth, it’s not just the customer they’re supportive of, it’s everyone involved in their process and more. And that’s what really makes us smile.

This family-run business and its commitment to the industry is genuinely commendable on so many levels. Their dedication to local sources not only helps their fellow farms, but also reduces their carbon footprint, keeping food miles to a minimum. Their desirable reputation (and standing by a creed to source wheat from members of the Assured Crops Scheme), helps encourage others to do better and be better.

Heck, Marriage’s even turn their bran (a byproduct created when they’re milling their wheat) into animal feed; just one of many ways these eco champions are helping reduce their waste output and putting the future of farming (and our planet) first.

Are you convinced yet? Ready to up your baking game? Then check out our collection of Marriage’s products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.

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