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With more awards than you can shake a stick at, it’s easy to see why MANI has enjoyed such success. They’re considered the pioneers of organic olive oil in Greece, where the harmony between their soil and climate helps every variety of olive tree they have achieve optimal greatness. Combine this with their centuries-old growing techniques and skills, and the result is olive oil better known to many as ‘green gold’.

As you can imagine, that means that MANI also produces some of the most exquisite olives in the Mediterranean. For a real taste of the region, these vegan and vegetarian friendly produce are as natural as it gets.

We don’t need to tell you how all those silly additives added by the mainstream corporations ruin foods; so trust us when we shine a spotlight on these organic beauties; harvested and de-bittered using only the most natural, traditional methods involving sea salt and brine.

One taste is all you’ll need to be transported to the balmy Mediterranean on a sensory excursion you won’t soon forget.

Shake up your starters, salads and sauces, or just gobble down a bowl full of these olives alongside your favourite glass of vino. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

But hey, olives aren’t to everyone’s liking, we understand that! What a good thing it’s not just olives on the menu from MANI then, eh? The sun-dried tomatoes these Grecian geniuses produce are simply sublime - naturally dried by the sun to preserve the more sensitive ingredients in the tomatoes, such as vitamin C and lycopene. Careful though, some say there’s a bit of a spicy kick to this appetiser (no comment - this writer doesn’t consider food spicy unless it results in a face full of sweat!).

We genuinely could not extol the virtues of the MANI range more if we tried. These aren’t just essentials for every gourmet kitchen, they’re essentials for every kitchen. They’re portals to the idyllic Mediterranean itself. If you’re looking to bring something special to your dishes, look no further, friend.

Harvested by hand, only the best olives from small family farms are ever used in MANI products. You really are looking at gifts from the Mediterranean, here. There’s a reason that MANI regularly earns awards on an international scale.

Mediterranean taste with extra value

“The most authentic Mediterranean cuisine has nurtured Mani’s small farmers for centuries, but this required hard work with often very little reward. As a result, in the middle of the last century more and more young people started trying their luck in other regions of the country or abroad.

Businesses like MANI now encourage young people to move back to live in the Mani. Over 300 families have found a secure income in supplying MANI with their organically cultivated olive oil.” - Mani

Picture the idyllic serenity of the Mediterranean way of life - the culture overflowing from historic homes and taverns, the feel of sun-kissed skin, the gentle crashing of the waves on the shore. The wine. That’s where our minds are transported to when MANI produce meets our taste buds.

MANI calls it ‘products with culture’, and we would defy anyone to disagree with that bold, highly accurate statement. They say it’s down to a mix of rich agricultural environment, traditional methods, and a Grecian zest for life that brings these products such extraordinary flavour. And we’re inclined to believe them.

Truly, you have to try the MANI range of olive products to fully grasp what we’re talking about here. With every expression of taste, you can literally feel the traditional, artisanal process that has gone into creating this food.

Whether you need a sublime savoury snack or to refine your cooking with the most exquisite of flavours - the kind even the most devout vegan or vegetarian can get on with - you’ll find what you’re looking for with MANI.

Authentic Mediterranean cuisine doesn’t get much finer than this - and we’re delivering it right into your kitchen!

And let’s not forget, this stuff isn’t just delicious, it’s good for you too! Need a tasty way to reduce your cholesterol or up your antioxidants or vitamin E? Well friend, again, look no further!

Why We Love MANI

MANI is not just about the Mediterranean flavours, they’re also deeply invested in the local communities and the place that they call home. The olive tree has long symbolised peace, prosperity and wisdom in Greek culture, and it’s clear this brand takes that to heart.

We’re all about brands that are passionate about organic and ethical ways of life, so naturally, we felt an instant bond with the good folk at MANI. And not just because of their diverse range of au naturel produce!

MANI operates from a place of pure respect for people, the planet and life itself - and that’s something we kind of love dearly. The world needs more brands that are thoughtful to Mother Nature, sustainable, organic farming, and leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Organic, fair, sustainable, traditional - are you convinced yet? Can you feel the ancestral call of the Mediterranean? Is your tongue tingling with anticipation (ours is!)? Then check out our collection of MANI products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.