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Lye Cross

World-class organic cheese from the very best pasture land in the world, that’s what Lye Cross Farm brings to the table. These guys have been in the business since 1952, but their roots stretch back further still, bringing you the best based on 100 years of family farming traditions.

Headed up by the Alvis family, Lye Cross is a multiple award-winning brand not only serving the United Kingdom, but a wide audience of over 40 countries in total.

From an idyllic setting situated among wetlands, waterfalls and steep limestone gorges, these passionate cheesemakers work their magic in harmony with Mother Nature. In their own words, it’s more than a livelihood, it’s a true passion for cheesemaking that drives the Lye Cross efforts.

We think it’s safe to assume you’re like us. You care about our planet and being as sustainable as possible. Well, so does Lye Cross Farm.

These cheesemakers may employ organic and non-organic farming methods, but there is nothing they take more seriously than the future of agriculture. Except perhaps cheese. They’re aware that our future, and their livelihood, relies on how well they look after the land and their livestock.

This is a brand devoted to feeding the population without damaging the environment, to preserving the fertility of the soil and reducing their carbon footprint. Our planet’s resources are finite, and Lye Cross is one of those brands fighting the good fight to defend the future of our beautiful planet.

Where tradition meets the modern-day

“Passed down from generation to generation, the master cheesemaking process is forever progressing, from advances in technology to an ever more sophisticated consumer, the cheese at Lye Cross Farm still holds true to the values of my grandfather.” John Alvis, Director

It’s more than a line, it’s a way of life. Cheesemaking is in the DNA of the Alvis family behind Lye Cross Farm, and has been for over a century. They began a stone’s throw away from the famed Cheddar in Somerset, and now, four generations down the line, they remain as inspired and talented as ever.

Today, their trio of farms in the stunning Somerset countryside are a haven for their thousands of Holstein-Friesian dairy cows. This serene setting of unparalleled natural beauty isn’t just a production site, it’s the home of these free-ranging cattle; it’s the fuel for their 100% organic diet of clover-rich grass and silage; it’s 4,300 acres of au-naturel cheesemaking paradise.

While the times have changed, Lye Cross knows the value of the tried and tested. By combining their traditional farming techniques with an assortment of advanced machinery, they’re able to produce organic cheese like no other.

This is cheese of the highest standards, from the finest milk drawn from the happiest and healthiest dairy herd you can imagine.

Many brands are quick to tell you that you’re the most important to them. With Lye Cross, you know you are tied for that honour with the impact they have on the environment, and the wellbeing of their cattle. And we think that’s a pretty awesome (and highly refreshing) way to see it.

Why We Love Lye Cross Farm

When a cheesemaker stands firm behind the creed of ‘Farming for the Future’, we pay attention. It’s what caught our eye first about Lye Cross, and we’ve waxed fairly lyrical already about how impressed we are with their commitment.

Any brand with such a noble green philosophy gets both our thumbs up, particularly when their produce is so udderly delicious. (Sorry, not sorry).

But let’s look beyond their planet-friendly farming, their membership in the Soil Association charity and animal husbandry that ticks each of the RSPCA’s Five Freedoms. Let’s explore past their consistent commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, or their admirable use of solar panels and green energy.

And, of course, let’s look beyond their deliciously moojestic cheeses.

The children are our future. The right kind of savvy ecological education is a calling we will always respect. And that’s exactly where Lye Cross really knocks it out of the park, as far as we’re concerned. They’ve taught thousands of students about organic farming and its planetary benefits through their FarmLink program. Heck, the Alvis family has even been awarded ‘Best Farm Communicator of the Year’ by BBC Radio 4.

From picturing the idyllic life of their happy herd, to an ecologically prosperous vision of the future, and a whole host of carefully selected, world-famous, top quality cheeses, we hope you can see why we’re shipping Lye Cross pretty hard here.

Are you convinced yet? Feeling the need for cheese? Check out our collection of Lye Cross Farm products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.

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