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Vegan chocolate that tastes like the real deal. Plant-based indulgence doesn’t get much sweeter than this, friends. And we do mean that literally. Allow us to introduce LoveRaw, one of the most down to earth, decadent vegan-friendly snack brands in our roster.

Don’t be fooled by their ethos of “Chocolate first, vegan second”, what we have here is a jolly, planet-loving team on a mission. And that mission is one any organic supporter or committed vegan should be able to easily get behind. (Can you guess what it is?)

LoveRaw’s quest (and crowning accomplishment) has been to create outstanding vegan chocolate that’s indistinguishable from the real deal. That’s right, folks, we defy you to tell the difference between this stuff and the leading brands of ‘chocolate chocolate’.

Of course, many devout vegans are more than used to their alternatives by now. But wouldn’t the world be a better place if more of the meat-eaters and their ilk could find joy in plant-based products? Wouldn’t it be terrific if we didn’t have to argue anymore? If the average Joe would choose vegan chocolate because it tastes better

That’s what this bunch of vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians (and, yes, meat-eaters) behind LoveRaw are working towards, one day at a time. In their own jovial words, they’re making “epic vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate, for ‘unvegan’ vegans (aka ‘people vegans’)”.

Rule Breakers, Game Changers, Industry Leaders

“Our mission now is to continue making legendary kick ass vegan chocolate whilst maintaining our honest, transparent and no artificial nonsense roots. Remove the stigma and prove that vegan chocolate can be decadently indulgent and delicious!” - Team LoveRaw

LoveRaw’s awesome journey began back in 2013, the brainchild of founders Rimi and Manav (before they had real people children of their own, that is). It’s fair to say they’ve come a long way since; from their early days of £600 in the bank, a food processor in hand and a trip to London, to rejecting offers on Dragons Den and selling millions of LoveRaw products to voracious plant-loving fans.

Rimi and Manav dared to dream (and not take themselves too seriously in the process - which makes for some truly admirable, stand-out branding, we must say!). They bring their light-hearted, friendly personalities to bear in every communication, leading with laughter and passion.

Maybe that’s why they’ve taken the industry by storm. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t need any Dragons to soar.

Whatever the magic ingredients, LoveRaw is a formula that, in brand and in product, simply works a charm. They’ve taken a ‘crazy idea’ (their words, not ours) and made it a reality.

From milk choc bars to salted caramel wafers, butter cups, and the world’s first vegan cream wafer bar, these mouthwatering vegan-friendly snacks are truly as intended: “perfect for a duvet day or take-to-work day”.

Why We Love LoveRaw

Honestly, it’s kind of hard not to love LoveRaw from the get-go. They have such a genuine approach to their brand that you can’t help but get swept up in. They talk to you like fellow humans, not customers to be. And that’s something we will always admire.

Imagining the story of this ambitious and entertaining couple making their dreams come true - hustling past receptionists without a meeting to hand-deliver samples to buyers; labouring away in their tiny kitchen; trying on that two-person jumper (the one on the packaging - yes, that’s the founders, alright) and having that Eureka! moment - Well, it’s all very heartwarming.

Without even trying, LoveRaw draws you in and makes you feel part of their growing family. Their noble goal to encourage people to ditch dairy and favour plant-based alternatives, combined with their tongue-in-cheek approach to life had us sold before we ever took that first bite.

And after we did? Well, we were truly thankful for their decision to “give ‘em two fingers”. One really isn’t enough!

When a brand claims to use only the very best ingredients that don’t compromise on the taste, it’s easy to raise an eyebrow and wonder. But with LoveRaw, we can attest to their guarantee - you really have tried nothing like this before, friend!

We also kind of love how they don’t shy away from the challenges of veganism. They know it’s not always easy, and they don’t try to make anyone feel bad about that. LoveRaw doesn’t just claim to be all about being inclusive, they back it up.

From where we sit, that places this brand squarely in line with a real shot at swaying the world towards plant-based living. If anyone can turn the tides, we reckon these guys are a safe bet!

Are you convinced yet? Ready for the tastiest plant-based chocolate in town? Check out our collection of LoveRaw products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.

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