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Loma Linda

Convenience comes in many forms, but few as downright tasty or unquestionably beneficial for your health as Loma Linda’s range. For the advocates of healthy lifestyles and a healthy world, it doesn’t get much finer than this incredible industry-leading supplier.

As a brand on the branch of the renowned Atlantic Natural Foods, Inc, these guys have been working to create the very best sustainable, plant-based protein for over 100 years and counting. It’s tough enough to get people invested in the future in modern times, imagine the challenge of it back in 1890!

It took sheer, unflinching dedication to a noble cause to keep a ship like this afloat back then, and that’s what Loma Linda embodies with every product they put out to this day.

Loma Linda knows all too well that part of the challenge in living a fully plant-based lifestyle is the logistics. These things can get pricey, and inferior products can quickly expire on you. So, what oh what is a champion of sustainability to do? Well, you could always buy Loma Linda, and not worry about either again. Just a thought.

Delicious taste, high nutrition, supreme convenience, and social responsibility are the staples that hold it all together for these organic heroes. You’ll struggle to find such bold, instant-hit flavours anywhere else in the vegan-friendly marketplace - of that, we’re quite confident!

So, for the stans of plant-based living, the supporters of a sustainable planet, and anyone on the hunt for a healthier tomorrow and longer lifespan… Well, you’re in the right place.

Friends of the Planet

“Since 1890, Loma Linda has been a leader in sustainable foods. We believe plant-based proteins are key to a healthy lifestyle and contribute to a healthy world. Our unique line of products aims to serve every taste and dietary need. Trust in your friends at Loma Linda.” - Loma Linda

Good for you, good for the planet - it’s a commitment Loma Linda takes more seriously than you can imagine.

Since its founding in the closing years of the 19th century by plant-based pioneer Dr J.H. Kellogg, Loma Linda has been all about the future. If it’s not sustainable and of benefit to the coming generations, this brand has nothing to do with it.

Their commitment to a better planet is only equalled by their passion for plant-based proteins. Well, that, and showing the world the benefits of eco-friendly lifestyles. A wise man once said, “If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.”

We think it’s fair to say Confucious would agree that Loma Linda is not just a benefit to their customers, they’re a benefit to the planet itself. And that, from where we’re sitting, makes this brand pretty darn special.

Why We Love Loma Linda

A plant-based wholefoods brand dedicated to sustainability is enough to sway most people. Throw in a commitment to providing the healthiest source of affordable long-life protein and we’re already busting out the bank card.

Top it all off with a truly bold and delicious range of foods and beverages (plus the tantalising notion of extending our precious lifespans) and… Well, personally, we’re scrambling for a direct debit, monthly order kind of deal; a “why are my shelves not always rammed front to back with these products?” type of story.

You know the sort. Oh, wait, you don’t? Well then, might we humbly suggest you grab yourself some Loma Linda and see just exactly why we’re mad about this incredible brand.

It’s not easy being green, but the good folks at Loma Linda do their part to make it as smoothe a ride as possible. They’re considered the go-to plant-based provider for anyone with dietary restrictions. You’ll even find an abundance of mouthwatering recipes on their websites.

Gluten-free baking mixes, ready-to-eat full meals in pouches, non-GMO meat alternatives and the world’s first plant-based fish alternative are just some of the delights these guys have in store for you. We can also highly recommend their coffee stand-in - a roasted grain drink that’s free of acid and caffeine, and absolutely delicious, to boot!

Are you convinced yet? Ready to make plant-based living easy as 1,2,3? Check out our collection of Loma Linda products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.