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Sick of struggling to find the perfect breakfast that’s delicious, nutritious, and packed with premium ingredients to power you through the day? Tired of your energy peaking and dipping, of not having the extra umph to get you from ‘try’ to ‘triumph’?

Yep. We were too - until we came across the absolutely incredible Lizi’s, that is!

This vegan-friendly range of granola and ‘super muesli’ is a game-changer for anyone hoping to set their day up the right way. We’re talking crunchy high-fibre toasted oats, seeds and nuts fused with sumptuous natural nectars ranging from maple to agave syrup, and even black treacle!

Lizi’s put their passion where their mouth is, and it shows in every bite. This is a brand on a mission to deliver not only the most nutritious cereals possible, but to transcend breakfast and unlock the purest of healthy vibes for their consumers. Your wellbeing is, quite literally, their main objective. And we think that’s pretty darn amazing!

If slow-release energy guaranteed to keep you full, fuelled and energised from breakfast to lunch sounds appealing, you’re in the right place.

And if you’re worried that food as excellent as this must have a catch (like, say, being horribly bland), think again! Lizi’s stock a delightful variety of delicious and fruity flavours for your palatable pleasure.

Are you Diabetic? Do you need to keep a rigid eye on your blood glucose levels? You’re in good hands with Lizi’s then - you’re looking at the first UK cereal brand to measure the glycaemic load of its products.

Passionate About Breakfast

“Our commitment to ‘a whole lot better’ doesn’t start and end with our cereals; it extends to our company ethos, operations, processes and of course, the impact that Lizi’s has on the environment. We are constantly working on new ways to be a more sustainable business.” - Lizi’s

Let us whisk you back to 2003, and a quaint little bed and breakfast in Wales. It was here, at the home of Mick and Lizi, that the founders of Lizi’s created their first cereal. Their guests were lucky, because little did they know they were sampling the start of something truly special.

From those humble heritage granola beginnings, this co-founder pair of foodies rode their zest for life into a range of organic breakfast foods. Soon, Lizi’s offerings included high protein, low sugar, gluten-free and digestive health ranges - all brought to life through a pure love for wholesome and nutritious food.

Why We Love Lizi’s

Oh, where to begin! Shall we wax lyrical about the passion Lizi’s brings to their products? (we already sort of have). Perhaps we could bang on the drum of their sumptuous range of foods to suit a whole host of lifestyles and dietary requirements. We could sing the praises of how much they do to support the health and fitness goals of their consumers.

Or, we could extol the virtues of their community values - from the fantastic giveaways they host to their wellness tips and tantalising recipes. How about their free downloadable recipe ebook?

Perhaps it’s their 100% recyclable packaging we admire most, or their commitment to being a more sustainable business than yesterday. (Not only does their packaging stop over 5 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic clogging up the waste system on a yearly basis, Lizi’s even provides a list of how their packaging can be recycled in various countries - now that’s dedication!).

Heck, these champions of sustainability even donate their products to those in need, from charities to food banks! They shipped 45,000 portions of granola and muesli to people affected by COVID-19 throughout 2020, including multiple NHS trusts.

Honestly, it’s hard not to love Lizi’s.

Are you convinced yet? Ready to make breakfast an experience you genuinely look forward to? Check out our collection of Lizi’s products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.