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LA Brewery

Crazy about Kombucha? Then friend, do we have a treat for you! Because what could be better than the undiluted vibrancy of a master-at-work mixing your drink? Well, that’s exactly what you get with Louise Avery, founder and beating heart of L.A. Brewery - one of the U.K.’s most celebrated Kombucha producers.

You might have seen Avery’s handiwork featured in the likes of ITV, Vogue, BBC’s Good Food. But we’re not here to wax lyrical about the accolades of the L.A. Brewery. No, we’re here to tell you a story.

L.A. Brewery came to life in Louise Avery’s love of foraging for natural ingredients, and her passion and dedication to creating sumptuously flavourful beverages. To Louise, it’s nothing short of an art form (and, once you’ve tasted what L.A. Brewery has to offer, we’re sure you’ll agree!).

And so, with the commitment of an artist on a mission, Louise kicked off her at-home kitchen experiments. She blended flowers, fruits and herbs to work up serenely sparkling drinks infused with sensational and nuanced flavours.

Summer in a Bottle

“With regards to flavour, I find it totally enthralling. We all have specific taste receptors on our palate: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami, and I wanted to factor all of these in when designing the L.A drinks – getting that precise balance between sugar and acidity.

It’s quite unusual to see this in drinks even though it’s commonly practised by chefs. I saw the opportunity to bring this to the drinks world and create non-alcoholic drinks that were exciting and innovative and could bring a bit of sparkle to the days when you’re not drinking...” - Louise Avery, Founder.

Louise’s initial work captured the spirit of summertime in a bottle. And even though the L.A. Brewery production has moved from the kitchen to a micro-brewery in Suffolk, that quintessential at-home brewed taste and impeccable quality remains the same as ever.

With L.A. Brewery, you’re looking at a brand dedicated to nature and the organic way of life.

Yes, this vivacious and decadent fizzy drink may make you stop and scratch you head, thinking surely there must be something else going on here. But there really isn’t. As Louise puts it, their Kombucha is a “naturally effervescent living tea full of friendly bacteria”.

It’s a product of high-altitude, chemical-free green and black teas, fermented au-naturel by what’s called a SCOBY. (That’s short for ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast’, FYI).

Ok, so maybe it’s not strictly speaking bottled summertime. But trust us, try this Kombucha out for yourself and we’re confident you’ll agree!

Why We Love L.A. Brewery

Though L.A. Brewery has only been doing its thing since 2017, it’s perfectly clear to anyone with a brain that Louise and her team know exactly what they’re doing.

There’s Kombucha… and then there’s L.A. Brewery Kombucha.

In fact, Ms Avery is such a Kombucha virtuoso, she’s even written a book to teach you all her secrets to brewing your own naturally fermented Kombucha! That’s how dedicated she is to helping you reap the benefits of healthy guts (and enjoying delicious drinks full of probiotics and all that good stuff that helps your digestion out and boosts your immune system).

Are you convinced yet? Hey, maybe Kombucha isn’t your thing. But if it is, we can’t imagine any reason you wouldn’t be hammering the ‘buy now’ buttons on these fantastic products! Check out our collection of L.A. Brewery products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.

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