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Karma Kombucha

Slowly but surely, the kombucha craze is going well and truly mainstream. But given that kombucha has been enjoyed by countless cultures worldwide for more than 2,000 years, this really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise!

Famed for its fantastically refreshing taste and its apparent therapeutic properties, kombucha is an entirely different kind of soft drink. One which in the case of Karma Kombucha is not only 100% organic, but contains 100% traceable ingredients; all of which are, of course, responsibly sourced.

Karma Kombucha is pretty much the embodiment of everything this blissful beverage can and should be; a cut above the competition in every way.

Stimulating, Satisfying and Deliciously Detoxifying

“Our commitments go beyond organic label requirements. 100% of our ingredients are certified organic even if regulations tolerate up to 5% of non-organic ones. Even when we use flavours (which is very scarcely), we make sure they are 100% natural and organic! Of course, we do not use ingredients such as flavour enhancers, emulsifiers and food colouring that are prohibited by the organic standards, but we also make it a rule not to use animal- or soy-based ingredients in our products.” - The Biogroupe Team

Biogroupe (the folks behind Karma Kombucha) take the quest for true organic product making a step further than most. Even when it isn’t necessary to use 100% organic ingredients to qualify for the ‘organic’ label, they still ensure that not a shred of anything synthetic makes its way into the mix.

On a quest to contribute to a better future for the planet and its people, the Biogroupe team believes that food is our medicine and that the only sustainable future is an organic future.

Not that any of this has stopped them from creating one of the most downright delicious ranges of all-organic and 100% vegan soft drinks available on the market right now. Along with Karma Kombucha, their collection also features a spicy, zesty ginger beer you simply have to experience to appreciate.

Hot and spicy soft drinks aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but for anyone who can’t get enough of the unique taste of ginger beer… well, let’s just say you’ve been missing out on something pretty special!

Why We Love Karma Kombucha

The products created by this compact team of plucky pioneers are reason enough to love Biogroupe in general. Nevertheless, it’s the way they demonstrate such remarkable commitment to the cause which is most impressive of all.

Rather than cutting corners to reduce costs and maximise profits, they remain relentlessly committed to 100% organic products, 100% of the time and without exception.

That’s why you’ll find a selection of their most popular and downright delicious products up for grabs here at Wholefoody. Place your order online for prompt delivery to your door. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find what you need featured on our website.

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