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Heath & Heather

Some brands are simply synonymous with superior products. The mere mention of their name is enough to know you’re onto a winner. Heath & Heather is a prime example of such a brand, bringing more than a century of history, heritage and pedigree to every product they produce.

They’re famed for being pioneers in the use of potent herbs for therapeutic purposes. And to this day, Heath & Heather remains 100% committed to the highest-quality organic ingredients.

Purveyors of impeccable teas to suit all tastes and moods, Heath & Heather is a company that believes in fair trade, fair regard for the environment and of course… fair prices!

Affordable quality and epic enjoyment at its finest, brought to you by a family business founded over a century ago.

Commitment to sustainability

“Here at Heath & Heather, we believe it’s not enough that only our tea is green. We also need our actions as a modern-day business, to reflect the care and close-to-nature principles that the brand was founded with back in the early 1900s. And so, we endeavour to do as much as we can, no matter how big or small the gesture, to protect and support the environment through our “Greenprint for Good” sustainability plan.” - Heath & Heather

The folks behind Heath & Heather have always prioritised environmental concerns, though have really step things up over recent years.

Carefully controlling every step of the journey from start to finish, the company is well on its way to achieving its ambitious “zero waste to landfill” goal. Likewise, by modifying its approach to importing and transporting its teas, Heath & Heather has managed to reduce its total CO2 fuel emissions by a whopping 90%.

All of which has been achieved while maintaining the same consistent quality with every cup brewed. And it’s all thanks to Heath & Heather’s meticulous attention to detail.

The current product collection from Heath & Heather features a wide variety of invigorating teas for a welcome wakeup, soothing brews for relaxed evenings and irresistibly fruity blends for any type of day. Not to mention, one of the zingiest and most refreshing peppermint teas you’ll ever have the pleasure to try; perfect for rounding off a good meal and giving your digestive system a nudge!

Why We Love Heath & Heather

Today’s mass production approach to tea has taken much of the heart and soul out of crafting incredible teas using the finest natural ingredients. Heath & Heather is one of a select few specialists still doing things the old-fashioned way. This is a brand that prioritises quality, sustainability and environmental preservation over profits.

Which is precisely why we’re always happy to sing the praises of Heath & Heather! And carry a selection of the most popular products in our permanent collection.

Check out what’s on offer in our online store; place your order and we’ll ship your Heath & Heather products to your door as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, contact the Wholefoody team anytime if you cannot find exactly what you need listed on our website.