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Harry Brand

How good can harissa really get? That’s a question only ever asked by those who have never tried Harry Brand harissa for themselves. Or for that matter, Harry Brand harissa mayonnaise - equally legendary and deservedly so.

Harry Brand harissa has become a staple in millions of homes and commercial kitchens across the country. They’ve truly taken deliciousness and versatility to new heights.

For one thing, Harry Brand harissa comprises just four main ingredients; all of which are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and obtained from responsible sources.

But it’s the ridiculous flavour of Harry Brand harissa that has made it such an iconic piece of pantry hardware. It’s technically a condiment or ingredient, but Harry Brand harissa is so good it can form the basis of a long list of recipes in its own right.

Not bad, for something based on a mere four primary ingredients and suitable for the vast majority of dietary preferences.

Harry Brand Harissa and Harissa Mayonnaise

“Our versatile and authentic harissa is made from a unique recipe using just four main ingredients with no artificial additives. It's vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and guaranteed to spice up almost anything! We also make delicious harissa mayonnaise, suitable for vegetarians.” - Harry Brand

Harry Brand is a company that keeps things simple, with a compact collection of products honed to absolute perfection. The harissa these guys produce really is out of this world; a million miles from the uninspiring, mass-produced red gunk you’re normally presented with.

As for the Harry Brand harissa mayo, you’re looking at another work of art. One that will soon find its way into pretty much every sandwich you build. Along with thousands of other recipes that call for a liberal spoonful!

From standard table use as a compliment to bringing a beautiful kick of flavour to your favourite pasta dishes, stews and roast vegetables, Harry Brand harissa is a no brainer.

You simply throw it on anything you plan on eating and make it all the better for doing so… period!

Why We Love Harry Brand Harissa

Harissa is one of those where once you get into it, you wonder how you ever got by without it. There’s almost nothing you cannot improve and pep up with just the right amount of harissa. And that goes doubly for something as zingy as Harry Brand harissa.

(And just for the record, we can also advocate the indescribable deliciousness of Harry Brand harissa mayonnaise.)

You’ll find a selection of products from Harry Brand available here at Wholefoody to order online. We’re refining and refreshing our collection with new and interesting items, so be sure to check back on a regular basis to see what’s on offer.

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