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Recycled toilet paper has been helping reduce waste for decades. But the vast majority of TP that hits the shelves these days is anything but recycled. Sadly, producing paper products the traditional way remains the choice method for most manufacturers, despite the devastating effects it has on the world’s softwood forests. Enter Greencane.

Approaching the issue from an entirely new perspective, Greencane was established to help save trees. How? By manufacturing toilet paper from entirely different raw materials.

All Greencane products are not only 100% plastic-free, but are made exclusively using fast-growing bamboo and recycled sugarcane.

Rather than having to wait decades for a tree to grow only to process it into toilet paper, Greencane uses quick-to-cultivate raw materials to create its exclusive collection of paper-based products.

A Simpler Solution

“It’s wrong that we grow trees for 20 to 30 years to end up as toilet paper, when there is a sustainable alternative. As founders, we are immensely proud that Greencane now sells in over six countries and has thousands of supporters every day. Looking back over the past few years, we know this would not have been possible without the dedication of our team, the support shown by Greencane stockists and, of course, our wonderful customers, who make a positive impact on our planet with every purchase.” - Greencane

The use of sugarcane and bamboo as an alternative to traditional timber makes sense on so many levels. They fast-growing and naturally occurring in countless tropical regions worldwide. And they can also be farmed with a much lower environmental impact than growing and harvesting trees.

100% biodegradable, all products from Greencane are free from plastic - including the packaging.

Recycled cardboard, paper and plant-based cellophane are used to package Greencane’s toilet paper and tissue products, adding up to the single most sustainable and responsible form of TP currently on the market.

Why We Love Greencane

At Wholefoody, we understand that a lot of people find it difficult to get excited about products like toilet paper. But when you think about how much of it is manufactured and discarded each year, you begin to realise the toll traditional TP production takes on the environment.

Given that there is clearly a simpler and more sustainable option available, it simply makes sense to make the switch.

For the time being, Greencane is one of the only TP producers in the world using fast-growing bamboo and recycled sugarcane to create its products. A true pioneer and an inspiring innovator, which we’re happy to support and recommend here at Wholefoody.

Browse our collection of Greencane products and place your order online for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.