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Green & Blacks

Green & Black’s - words that immediately conjure images of the most decadently and delicious chocolate money can buy. Despite being founded as recently as 1991, Green & Black’s is one of the most iconic names in organic confectionery; and that goes for the UK and worldwide scenes!

Which isn’t particularly surprising, given the long list of ultra-premium ingredients that go into Green & Black’s chocolate, coupled with the exclusion of anything synthetic or sinister.

Craig Sams - co-founder of Green & Black’s - is a noted organic pioneer; he opened the very first natural food shop in Britain in 1969. His legacy was quickly set in stone. And yet even he couldn’t have predicted how popular his company’s world-class chocolate would become.

The World’s First Certified Organic Fairtrade Chocolate

“Since its founding, Green & Black’s has been unswervingly committed to creating delicious chocolate that is a treat for the senses, flavours inspired by the true taste of nature – organically and sustainably sourced. Its taste made of nature. Our organic chocolate is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. We are proud to say that in 1994 Maya Gold was the first chocolate in the UK to be awarded the Fairtrade mark.” - Green & Black’s

Interesting fact - the company’s name isn’t taken from the names of anyone involved in the Green & Black’s brand. Instead, the ‘Green’ part of the name references the company commitment to responsibly sourced cocoa; meanwhile ‘Black’ is used in reference to the exquisite taste and high quality standards of the resulting chocolate.

By demonstrating total commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, Green & Black’s became the first company in the world to have one of its chocolate bars awarded the Fairtrade mark almost 30 years ago.

Many have followed suit, but Green & Black’s remains the original and the best in the eyes of cocoa connoisseurs worldwide!

Today’s Green & Black’s product range is extensive and diverse. And across the board it continues to reflect the company’s relentless commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

From classic dark chocolate to innovative lines blended with nutmeg, vanilla and countless other natural flavours, there’s always a good reason to treat yourself to a bar of Green & Black’s chocolate!

Why We Love Green & Black’s

If you love chocolate, you’ll adore Green & Black’s - that’s really all there is to it! Green & Black’s has become the yardstick by which almost all other high-quality chocolates worldwide are measured. None quite make the grade, but anything that comes even remotely close is considered quite the achievement!

Green & Black’s is the ultimate indulgence for the true chocolate fanatic. Particularly given their extensive range of innovative and inspiring flavours to choose from.
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