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GranoVita specialises in healthy, nutritious, organic, vegetarian and vegan foods. A summarised encapsulation of what GranoVita is all about, but it’s the history and pedigree these guys bring to the organic foods sector that makes them exceptional.

Anything but a newcomer to the scene, GranoVita was established almost a century ago in 1929. Since then, they’ve spent nearly 100 years mastering the art of leveraging the true power of plants, in order to make delicious and inspiring creations that are as enjoyable as they are healthy.

Today, the GranoVita collection encompasses everything from vegan pates to organic vegetable juices to quick and easy organic snack pots. A dynamic and diverse product catalogue, and one where the founding values of GranoVita are evident across every item.

Celebrating the Power of Plants

“We aim to provide products made with trusted ancient ingredients with our traditional roots knowledge and we use our knowledge to provide excellent customer satisfaction. We are constantly striving within the market for improved ways to enhance customer experience by keeping to our roots and using ancient ingredients to make new health benefitting food products for the modern market.” - GranoVita

GranoVita is at the forefront of the campaign to show how healthy organic eating with no animal products involved can be truly inspiring. Innovation lies at the heart of everything GranoVita does; it’s what enables their product developers to come up with the most unusual twists imaginable on the all-time classics.

Nut Luncheon, Mock Duck, Young Green Jackfruit and Vegetarian Hot Dogs; just a few of the iconic (and to some extent experimental) products GranoVita has come up with over the years.

Their vegan pâtés have proved particularly successful since their introduction; perfect for spreading on a rye crispbread for a healthy and delicious snack at any time of day.

And if you find yourself lacking inspiration, the GranoVita website is packed with extensive, useful resources and recipe archives. Not that you’ll ever run out of creative ways to put their fabulous plant-based products to use. The sky really is the limit with GranoVita!

Why We Love GranoVita

Creativity and innovation are two things we salute here at Wholefoody. We genuinely believe that the key to nurturing healthier and more responsible eating habits lies in making meat-free living as exciting and inspiring as possible.
Not to mention, easy and affordable to get into - even when picking up the highest quality organic products.

All of this has formed the foundation of GranoVita for almost 100 years, culminating in the inspired and innovative brand we know and love today. GranoVita creates the kinds of foods, snacks and staples even the most committed carnivores are guaranteed to drool over.

Place your order through our online catalogue today. Or contact the Wholefoody team for more information on any of our products.