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Geo Organics

Geo Organics is one of two brands overseen by the folks at Venture Foods - an independent, family-run business with a flawless track record in the organic foods sector. Committed to producing a diverse range of delicious daily staples for the eco-conscious household, Geo Organics has spent more than 20 years refining the art of making organic inspiring.

Today, the company remains as committed to quality and value for money as it did on day one. The current Geo Organics collection is packed with premium pantry essentials. These range from the firm’s famous Atlantic Sea Salt and Worcester Sauce to fragrant Curry Pastes, Tagines and Dahls.

Approved by the Vegan Society

“We are huge supporters of organic living and the majority of our products have the Soil Association stamp which we believe represents the gold standard. All our products are vegetarian as are the company owners Mike and Tracey. All of our products are also vegan and approved by the Vegan Society.” - Geo Organics

Founded in 1999, Venture Foods has evolved into one of the most respected and reputable independent organic brands on the UK market. Each and every product that carries the Geo Organics label is certified organic and 100% vegan.

Today’s Geo Organics product range is a one-stop shop for the eco-conscious vegan consumer. You don’t have to think too hard when buying from Geo Organics - every product is an absolute must-try.

Responsibly sourced ingredients, traditional production methods and a whole lot of love in each and every package. Three things that set Geo Organics apart from many comparable brands and three reasons to give them a try for yourself!

Why We Love Geo Organics

At Wholefoody, we prefer the kinds of products where you know exactly what goes into the mix, and subsequently what’s going into your body. By keeping things as simple as possible with a compact list of quality ingredients, Geo Organics makes it easy to shop better and live better.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone looking to do their health and wellbeing a world of good. We really couldn’t recommend the complete Geo Organics collection any more highly!

You’ll find a selection of top-selling Geo Organics products featured on our website. Feel free to contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you need listed here.