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Follow Your Heart

Think ‘Follow You Heart’ and chances are one product instantly comes to mind. For quite some time now, these guys have been famous (if not legendary) for their iconic plant-based mayonnaise; the one and only Vegenaise the world knows and loves.

But far from being the proverbial one trick pony, Follow Your Heart has put its name to an extensive range of 100% vegan foods and ingredients of equally high quality.

From day one, Follow Your Heart has been on a mission to demonstrate how adopting a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, taste or variety.

Eating responsibly and conscientiously shouldn’t be a challenge - it should be simple, satisfying and affordable for everyone.

A Plant-Based Star Is Born

“At Follow Your Heart, our mission is to produce high-quality plant-based foods to enhance the lives of consumers and contribute to the betterment of the Earth and all its inhabitants. We strive to be innovative and create an enjoyable workplace where everyone can experience personal growth and emotional fulfilment. We want to demonstrate leadership as we continue to expand our range of products and look for new ways to innovate in quality and sustainability.” - Follow Your Heart

It was back in the 1970s when the Follow Your Heart success story began, when the company’s founder set his sights on creating an egg-free mayonnaise that wasn’t ghastly.

At the time, the only plant-based mayos on the market were either flavourless or fraudulently labelled. It wasn’t rare to come across vegan mayo than was anything but. Naturally, this made it difficult to find decent plant-based products you could trust.

The idea came to Bob (Follow Your Heart’s founder) in a dream, and he whipped up the first batch of Vegenaise the next day. It lacked finesse and needed a fair amount of refinement; nonetheless, it gradually evolved into the iconic plant-based mayo we know and love today.

Far from a second-rate impersonation of the real thing, Vegenaise grew to become a legendary piece of sandwich hardware. One that continues to set an impossibly high standard for comparable plant-based products. (Though is more or less beyond compare).

Why We Love Follow Your Heart

Cliché as it may be, you genuinely have to experience Follow Your Heart’s products to understand and appreciate them. These guys never set out to create 100% like-for-like replicas of products made with animal-derived ingredients.

Their mission always has and always will be to create delicious standalone plant-based products in their own right. Products which are also sustainable, responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly.

As these are all values we respect here at Wholefoody, you can understand our love affair with Follow Your Heart! Check out the company’s most popular products right here in our online catalogue and place your order for fast home delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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