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Finn Crisp

Let’s be honest - the average crispbread isn’t the most exciting creation ever to hit the organic foods market. Mass production techniques leave much to be desired, resulting in millions of bland and boring beige creations competing for space. Enter Finn Crisp.

At the opposite end of the scale, this iconic Finnish bakery that shows the humble crispbread the respect it deserves. To such an extent that they’re quite rightly described as ‘addictively good’ - resistance to take another bite is futile!

Somehow, the alchemists at Finn Crisp manage to pack a world of fantastically natural and magnificently mellow flavour into each and every rye crisp produced.

Now a staple in millions of vegan and vegetarian households worldwide, Finn Crisp is on a mission to show what the classic crispbread is capable of!

A Taste of Finland

“Baking so much goodness into something so slim and delicious as rye crisps takes real dedication. Our little bakery wonders are bursting with pure, mellow flavour. Just like the Finnish design has become world famous for its distinctiveness, Finn Crisp’s approach to wellbeing is just as direct. We believe it is about finding balance in life: making good everyday choices rather than changing your entire lifestyle. We want to make healthy living both tasty & fun!” - Finn Crisp

Finn Crisp’s story began in 1952. During the Helsinki Summer Olympic Games, the company used the spectacle to first showcase its products to the public. The subsequent response was even more positive and enthusiastic than the Finn Crisp folks had expected. Soon after, and for decades since, their rye crisps have been a major success story.

Genius in its simplicity, the Finn Crisp rye crisp uses nothing but the finest natural ingredients. Made with 100% wholegrain flour, Finn Crisp products combine a powerful flavour punch with an important dose of daily fibre.

They’re also a potent source of minerals, vitamins, phyto-oestrogens and antioxidants.

The Finn Crisp collection has expanded significantly over the years. Even so, all their products across the board are still baked with the highest quality wholegrain flour. An enjoyable snack for any type of day or the basis for a whole bunch of culinary creations; keeping a stockpile of Finn Crisp’s latest and greatest lines in your pantry comes highly recommended!

Why We Love Finn Crisp

Anyone who can make the humble rye crisp interesting and inspiring is a winner in our eyes. Given how Finn Crisp has been doing just that for almost 70 years, you can understand why we’re so enamoured!

Finn Crisp is all about taking something simple and refining it to such a point that it becomes irresistible. There’s something to suit all tastes and preferences among the current Finn Crisp collection, which is constantly being expanded with new and interesting arrivals.

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