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Ecover is, in its own words: “on a mission to lead a clean world revolution”. As far as mission statements go, they don’t get much more ambitious than this! But when you consider just how much Ecover has accomplished over the past four decades, it’s not nearly as outlandish as it sounds.

This is a company that’s been obsessed with eco-conscious and sustainable cleaning products for more than 40 years, doing more for the cause than a dozen comparable companies.

And when you see what’s up for grabs in the current Ecover collection, you realise they’re actually well on their way to achieving their goal!

Going Beyond Everyday Waste Reduction

“When we say we live and breathe clean, we mean it. From the way we do business to how we source our ingredients to our war on plastic waste – it’s all about finding new ways to put our clean values into practice. Even if it’s going to take a while to get there.” - Ecover

Anyone can reduce their production of waste, which is something most people (and businesses) should be doing. With Ecover, the company’s quest for sustainability goes far beyond everyday waste reduction - these pioneers picture waste as a solution, not a problem.

Ecover recently introduced a new line of ‘TOO GOOD TO WASTE’ washing up liquids, manufactured using 25% leftover waste ingredients from the beer brewing process. Packaged in 100% recycled plastics, this limited-edition line demonstrated exactly what’s possible when you really put your mind to it.

It was some time ago that Ecover declared war on plastic waste, pledging to find new and innovative ways to put the brand’s clean values into practice.

Committed to producing effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives to household staples that are also affordable, Ecover continues to lead the charge for ultra-sustainable cleaning products.

Why We Love Ecover

Far from a newcomer, Ecover is an experienced veteran on the scene with more experience and expertise than most. The brand’s first box of eco-conscious washing powder first hit the shelves in Belgium in 1989, where it became an instant hit among equally eco-conscious consumers.

At Wholefoody, we’ve the strongest admiration and respect for any brand or business that supports the campaign for sustainability and environmental preservation. As one of the earliest pioneers of sustainable household products, Ecover has played a major role in driving positive change over the years.

We’re proud to offer an extensive range of items from Ecover in our online catalogue, which we’re continuously updating with the latest launches. Effective, affordable and eco-conscious, Ecover’s current collection proves you really can have it all!

Browse what’s on offer online; or contact the Wholefoody team anytime for more information.