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Eat Your Hat

Food wizardry at its absolute best - the Eat Your Hat ethos in a nutshell. Where something seems too good to be true or outright impossible, this is precisely where these guys excel.

According to the team at Eat Your Hat, everybody has the power to elevate others through the food we eat. But when you pick up a product or two from Eat Your Hat, you realise just how delicious, satisfying and affordable it is to shop responsibly.

Eat Your Hat produces the most decadent collection of fair trade chocolates and coffees the organic market has to offer. Crafted by skilled artisans using only the finest ingredients, Eat Your Hat is also committed to sustainability on a level that goes far beyond most comparable producers.

In fact, their name derives from the impressive balancing act they’ve pulled off; one that combines comprehensive responsibility with both quality and affordability.

Impossible for most, but all in a day’s work for the folks at Eat Your Hat!

We Are the Impossible

“We’re on a mission to magic dreams into truths, to siphon fuel into fair trade’s tank, and to encourage a fair bit of hat-eatery along the way. How? By making incomparably delicious things out of sustainably-grown, organic ingredients that transform lives. We’re fairer than fair, totally see-through, and ingenious food alchemy entrepreneurs. All at once. It’s food wizardry. Taste it. It’s GLORIOUS.” - Eat Your Hat

The Eat Your Hat ethos is simple yet ambitious - operate in an ‘astonishingly fair’ way that goes beyond basic sustainability.

Fair trading and dealing directly with local farmers worldwide has always formed the core of the company’s business model. Eat Your Hat takes the strongest possible stance against child labour, modern slavery and the exploitation of vulnerable workers.

Taking transparency to a whole new level, Eat Your Hat offers comprehensively traceable products containing only the finest natural ingredients. Nothing synthetic, no GMOs and nothing questionable whatsoever. Eat Your Hat’s products ship in recyclable and compostable packaging - even the golden foil surrounding the chocolate is plant-based!

In a nutshell, Eat Your Hat’s ongoing mission is to take exclusively ethical ingredients and create ridiculously delicious delicacies; treats which, along with keeping their customers happy, also make the world as a whole that little bit fairer.

Why We Love Eat Your Hat

The way Eat Your Hat does business is impressive and inspiring to say the least. True to their word, they really do seem to have pulled off the impossible; meticulously combining quality, sustainability and affordability in each and every product.

One taste of the latest offerings from Eat Your Hat and you’ll see exactly what all the fuss is about. We have a selection of the company’s most popular products available for order online. Or feel free to contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find exactly what you need on our website.

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