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Earth Friendly Baby

All parents want what’s best for their kids. Which usually means keeping things as simple as possible with all-natural products. Established over 20 years ago, Earth Friendly Baby exclusively produces the most fantastically gentle, all-natural baby products money can buy.

Made using carefully selected organic ingredients and comprehensively safety tested, Earth Friendly Baby has become a household name among eco-conscious families worldwide.

Genius in its simplicity, Earth Friendly Baby goes back to basics by focusing exclusively on natural ingredients; nothing else will do for its iconic line of baby products.

Ethical, natural and packed with organic ingredients, Earth Friendly Baby products are designed to get the job done great. All while being as gentle as it gets on baby’s skin.

And to top it all off, Earth Friendly Baby is also committed to sensible pricing. You’ll find none of the usual OTT costs associated with artisan baby products.

Naturally Kind and Gentle

“Earth Friendly Baby began over 20 years ago in Vermont, USA, by a Father who had searched for an ethical, natural and organic product that would be gentle on his children’s delicate skin. Not finding what he was looking for, he decided to create his own. Earth Friendly Baby was born and has been selling natural and organic baby toiletry products all over the world ever since.” - Earth Friendly Baby

If nature knows best, nobody does bath time and skincare products for babies better than Earth Friendly Baby. Each formula comprises only the purest and simplest natural ingredients, meticulously blended for use on even the most sensitive skin.

Perfect for babies (and just as good for adults looking to pamper themselves with something special!).

Along with excluding all synthetic ingredients, Earth Friendly Baby products are packaged in sustainable and recyclable plastic. No new plastic is used to manufacture the bottles used by Earth Friendly Baby. This significantly reduces energy consumption, pollution and plastic waste with every purchase.

Earth Friendly Baby also takes a strong stance against animal testing. In fact, all animal-based products are entirely excluded from its formulas. The company is also a long term member of the Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society who support animal welfare.

Coupled with commitment to diversity, traceability and sustainability, Earth Friendly Baby continues to lead the all-natural baby product market by a clear mile.

Why We Love Earth Friendly Baby

It should be obvious by this point why we at Wholefoody love Earth Friendly Baby - they’re awesome in every way! All-natural baby products free from synthetic ingredients are a no-brainer, giving soft and sensitive skin the gentle care it deserves.

We’ve selected a range of Earth Friendly Baby’s most popular products for our online catalogue, which we’re adjusting and adding to all the time with new and interesting items. Place your order online for prompt delivery, or contact the Wholefoody team anytime to learn more.

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