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Dried Fruit

Few foods are as flexible, nutritious and honestly delicious as dried fruits, which is why at Wholefoody we keep them firmly in the favourites column. Whether it’s savoury or sweet that you’ve got a hankering for, our dried fruit range can be used in salads, trail mix, baking, cooking and just for having a nibble on.

We’re not talking just the basics here, either. No, we’ve hunted down the very best organic dried fruits, including the usual raisins, dates, figs and berries to the harder-to-come-by gems like lime, mango, papaya and classics like apples, pears, peaches and bananas.

If you’re wondering exactly where the appeal lies in dried fruit, let us enlighten you; because dried fruit is considerably more long-lasting than fresh fruit (obviously), but that also makes it more economical. 

Is dried fruit good for you?

Is dried fruit good for you? The short answer – YES!

Dried fruit is an excellent source of nutrition, including those all-important vitamins and minerals, and can enliven all sorts of recipes, from curries to smoothies and desserts.

Next time you find anyone questioning how healthy dried food is for you, point them in our direction (please)! 

Dried fruit snacks, mixes and meals

If you haven’t tried a homemade chutney or jam preserve made with dried fruits, then you’re missing out. And they’re a great addition to cakes, buns, biscuits and cookies too, providing texture and a burst of sweet fruity flavour. That’s why so many baking classics use dried fruits. Think apple cake, stollen, scones, walnut cake or a classic cherry bun.

Before we stop there, let’s not forget berry pies, bread and butter pudding, Christmas cake, hot cross buts and banana loaves… the list goes on!

One of our favourite ways to add dried fruit (and all the benefits that come with it) to our diets at Wholefoody, is at breakfast time. Adding dried fruit to cereals and homemade granola is a tasty way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake, whilst boosting your fibre.

Cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, apricots, pineapples, peaches and even bananas go wonderfully with a bowl of muesli, cereal or granola for a little bit of luxury.

In the winter, throw a handful of your preferred dried fruit into hot porridge to add a little bit of variety to your morning. The heat and moisture from the porridge is the perfect way to bring out the juicy texture and flavours of the fruit while maximising your nutritional intake.

For salad fans, dried fruit can be far more than a snack and actually add depth, flavour and nutrition to almost any salad. Don’t limit yourself to raisins and sultanas - look for apples, berries like cranberries and cherries, or even go tropical with pineapple and mango. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and with a good vinaigrette, can bring a beautiful tang to a healthy meal).