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Dragonfly Tea

Most tea producers take their products seriously. But few demonstrate the kind of passion that’s evident in every cup of Dragonfly Tea. Proudly sharing its obsession with quality tea with the world for more than 100 years, Dragonfly is a family-owned British company; one that knows exactly what the perfect brew is all about.

A noted pioneer in its field, Dragonfly Tea was among the first importers to bring green, white, rooibos and spiced speciality teas to market in the UK; all now widely available, but often lacking the exceptional quality and consistency you get with a cup of Dragonfly Tea.

If you are looking for a tried, tested and trusted brand that takes tea as seriously as you, look no further than Dragonfly Tea!

For the Love of Tea

“At Dragonfly, we are a British family company with a passion for sharing authentic, delicious and often rare teas with tea lovers and tea explorers alike. The dragonfly is our muse. It inspires, dazzles and delights us. An ancient symbol of purity, vitality and harmony, dragonflies love sunshine, warmth and clear, pure water. We believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup of tea, and we celebrate them with every pack!” - Dragonfly Tea

Commitment to quality and old-fashion craftsmanship are the key to the Dragonfly Tea success story. Not to mention, the fact that every tea product is the result of more than 100 years of experience.

Even today, Dragonfly Tea is just as obsessed with quality as it was a century ago.

According to the Dragonfly Tea family, the tea drinking experience has deteriorated gradually over the years; a direct result, they say, of mass producers taking over the industry. Worse still, mass production techniques have done nothing to benefit the local communities or environments that produce most commercial teas.

In response, Dragonfly Tea has continuously enhanced its commitment to working directly with local farmers and produces. This team wholly supports organic farming sustainability.

The result - Dragonfly’s diverse and inspiring range of decadently delicious teas, all GM-free, vegan friendly and produced without a trace of artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

Why We Love Dragonfly Tea

Anyone who takes their tea seriously will undoubtedly get a kick out of everything Dragonfly stands for. If fabulous flavour and epic enjoyment is your main priority, look no further than Dragonfly Tea. If you’re all about sustainability, traceability and responsibility, Dragonfly Tea is just about as good as it gets.

In addition, the fact that Dragonfly is always experimenting with new and interesting creations is a welcome bonus. There’s always something available to suit all tastes, with innovative new arrivals being added to the collection all the time.

At Wholefoody, we’ve selected a range of Dragonfly Teas you’ll find featured in our online catalogue. For more information, or if you cannot find exactly what you need listed on our website, contact the Wholefoody team.