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Dr. Karg's

How exciting can the humble crispbread really be? In the case of Dr Karg's, the answer is surprisingly so! That’s because Dr Karg's is a million miles from the bland, boring and predictable crispbreads stacked on most supermarket shelves. Guaranteeing “Cracking Good Bite” every time, Dr Karg's is known for putting heart and soul into its crunchy artisan creations.

Along with an extensive range of traditional crispbreads with just a few simple ingredients, Dr Karg's offers an innovative selection of creative and tasty variations. All of which are packed with tasty seeds, crunchy grains and a serious dose of dietary fibre for the ultimate feel good factor.

Vegan-friendly and produced primarily with locally sourced organic ingredients, Dr Karg's is on a mission to change the way the world thinks about the once-humble crispbread.

Craftsmanship, Tradition, Naturalness and Artisanry

“Our philosophy is simple: We take selected ingredients and lots of time, and combine them with traditional baking artisanry to produce the authentic quality our customers appreciate so much. Our very own “purity law” obliges us to exclusively use best natural ingredients which are then made into delicious crispbreads, snacks and wholegrain delights using our artisanal expertise.” - Dr Karg's

Dr Karg's has always operated as a small, family owned business. Sustainability forms the core of everything this brand stands for. Whether it’s reducing carbon emissions, championing social responsibility or going the extra mile to provide the best possible working environment, they’re always up to something for the greater good.

Not bad for a small family business that specialises in making crispbreads!

Still, you need only experience the “Cracking Good Bite” of Dr Karg's creations once to understand what all the fuss is about. By putting heart and soul into each and every crispbread, the result is something unlike any other crispbread or cracker. Savoury, satisfying and seriously good for you; keep a pack of Dr Karg's crispbreads on hand throughout the day and you won’t regret it.

Unsurprisingly, Dr Karg's has taken home a long list of prestigious awards over the years - both for its innovative product concepts and its creative use of recycled packaging. All cementing the Dr Karg's name as the unofficial King of crispbreads - one bite and you’ll know why!

Why We Love Dr Karg's

At Wholefoody, we love brands that make you rethink something you thought you had a solid grasp of. In the case of Dr Karg's, these guys have turned a traditionally uninspiring snack-box staple into something seriously delicious.

There’s always something new and interesting joining the mix at Dr Karg’s. You’ll find a selection of their most popular products available for order here at Wholefoody.

Place your order online for prompt home delivery, or contact the Wholefoody team anytime if you have any questions.

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