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Doves Farm

Doves Farm produces a range of great tasting food and quality ingredients by using organic agricultural methods and avoiding added nutrients, enzymes, and GM material.

They rely on crop rotation, an honest approach to food labelling, a well trained and happy workforce, and nurtured partnerships with suppliers and customers to bring you the best organic and gluten-free produce there is.

There’s nothing quite like the aromatic scent of fresh bread threading its way through your home to make you feel warm and comforted, is there? At Wholefoody, we believe that home cooking should start with the very best simple ingredients. And we can’t think of an ingredient more important or simple than flour.

When it comes to organic wholefoods, the very best flour is absolutely crucial, and no one understands this like Doves Farm do. Beginning with a fascination for whole grains and organic farming way back in 1977, Clare and Michael Marriage began Doves Farm with one simple goal - great quality flour. With patience, love and passion, the pair soon sustained their first ever crop of grains, stone ground and turned into the very best wholemeal flour.

Organic Dedication

Still family run, Doves Farm mill the highest quality organic and heritage flours, in addition to an amazing range of gluten-free flours, using only sustainable and ethical farming methods on their farm in the North Wessex Downs. Determined to provide a distinctive wholefood range, the company has also reintroduced several “lost” grains to their fields, starting with rye, then moving on to spelt, Einkorn and Emmer grains.

With a dedicated organic approach that we at Wholefoody are proud to support, Doves Farm have taken it one step further with their farming techniques. Which means a stroll through their fields includes the gentle hum of bees, the skipping of butterflies, and all the birdsong you can dream of in amongst their crops.

This is because the farm manager at Doves Farm is committed to carefully rotating the crops and working with the earth’s natural cycles to develop the soil’s fertility. This way, Mother Earth herself controls the pests and diseases in the soil, allowing Doves Farm to grow their crops the traditional, natural way.

Why we love Doves Farm

What we love about Doves Farm is their understanding of how looking to the past can teach us to protect our future. They (and we!) know that flour might not be the first thing that you think of when you think organic, but it’s about breaking down what we eat into the smallest and simplest of ingredients.

Before we began artificially growing grains with chemicals and pesticides that are damaging to the earth, farmers would grow their crops with almost no intervention from anyone or anything other than nature. By returning to this method, Doves Farm can work with nature to return our agricultural systems to the strong, natural systems they once were.

With an understanding that something as simple as organic flour can help us work towards a better, healthier planet and a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, Doves Farm encourages their consumers to understand exactly what goes into their home baking. At Wholefoody, we wholeheartedly agree with their approach, which is why we’re delighted to sell Doves Farm produce.