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d'aucy has spent over five decades demonstrating how frozen and preserved products are as delicious as fresh fruits and veggies. Not to mention, every bit as nutritious and equally kind to the environment.

Today, more than 9,000 farmers are employed by the d’aucy brand; all carefully selected and continuously monitored to ensure their compliance with the company’s strict protocols.

All d’aucy products can be traced back to their origins, and environmental protection remains a priority for the company to this day.

Despite being one of the biggest and most successful brands of its kind on the market, d’aucy demonstrates the kind of responsibility and commitment to sustainability that goes beyond most comparable producers.

Traceable from Field to Fork

“d’aucy guarantees top quality and traceability of its products. We ensure this guarantee by controlling all the stages of the production: from the farmer’s field to the consumer’s plate. d’aucy offers tasty, healthy and practical vegetables, available as plain or in numerous canned recipes, quick-frozen products or in ready meals.” - d’aucy

Availability of d’aucy products varies from one country to the next. Their frozen and tinned products are the most widely available lines in the UK. Canned fruits and vegetables from d’aucy take quality and consistency to an entirely higher level, simplifying the process of preparing meals with absolutely no compromise.

Additionally, d’aucy is committed to ensuring their preparation and canning processes preserve all the nutritional benefits of the products within. This allows customers across the Europe and beyond to enjoy delicious and healthy vegetables throughout all four seasons, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients added under any circumstances.

Quite simply, d’aucy does a great job in demonstrating how shopping for canned fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to mean settling for second best. Affordable quality at its finest, brought to you by one of the world’s biggest and most famous canned food brands!

Why We Love d’aucy

We love d’aucy for the simple reason that most producers of tinned fruits and vegetables don’t demonstrate this kind of commitment to quality and consistency. Nor is sustainability a priority for many producers, who often hold output and profits in higher regard than ethics and traceability.

In short, d’aucy makes it easy and affordable to shop for canned goods with complete confidence and peace of mind.

You know you’re getting a delicious and nutritious product with every purchase. And at the same time supporting reputable and responsible farmers. Not bad from a simple tin of vegetables!

You’ll find a selection of d’aucy products available to order here at Wholefoody. Browse our online collection and place your order for home delivery today. Or contact the Wholefoody team anytime if you have any questions.

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