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Cooks & Co

Household names in the quality foods sector don’t come much more instantly recognisable than Cooks&Co. Whatever type of cuisine you’re into and however long you’ve been getting creative in the kitchen, Cooks&Co is a brand we all know and love.

While the company itself was established less than 20 years ago, the seasoned food importers behind Cooks&Co have combined experience of more than 65 years.

Having set out on a mission to bring the most decadent and delicious flavours of the world to cooks across the UK, Cooks&Co has amassed an extensive and diverse collection of inspiring pantry essentials.

If you’re looking to bring something creative and captivating into your next dish, look no further than Cooks&Co!

A Feast of Fabulous Flavours

“Our passion for food continues today, and we are constantly looking for new foods to add to our range that will excite and inspire. With a bona fide feast of ingredients from around the world, including vibrant roasted red peppers, delicious sun-dried tomatoes, succulent stuffed vine leaves and versatile plant-based alternatives, we’re confident we won’t disappoint.” - Cooks&Co

Since day one, Cooks&Co has demonstrated a commitment to quality that’s become increasingly rare on today’s international foods market. Always prioritising ethics and sustainability rather than profits, Cooks&Co strategically selects responsible and reputable suppliers from around the world; this way, they ensure consistently superior results with total traceability.

The ethos of Cooks&Co has likewise remained the same since its first day in business; envision and create a range of "simple but sensational" savoury ingredients, which make it easy for their customers to cook up inspired creations at home.

Just a few of the company’s areas of expertise include Antipasti; Anchovies; Mushrooms; Goose & Duck Fat; Peppers & Chillies; Olives & Pesto; Pulses & Plant Based; Oils & Ingredients; Risotto; Polenta; Paella and many more besides.

Whether you’re setting your taste buds on something traditional or planning the ultimate culinary adventure, you’ll find everything you need and more in the extensive Cooks&Co collection.

Why We Love Cooks&Co

At Wholefoody, we’re big fans of any brand that inspires its customers’ culinary creativity and broadens their foody horizons. In the case of Cooks&Co, they do all this while simultaneously making it seriously easy to prepare delicious meals.

The combination of fabulous flavour, commitment to sustainability and all-round affordability makes the Cooks&Co an absolute winner. Not to mention, the fact that they’re continuously expanding and diversifying their collection of products. There’s always something new and interesting to check out!

You’ll find a selection of Cooks&Co’s most popular products on our shelves, which can be ordered online for a prompt home delivery. If you cannot find exactly what you need, contact the Wholefoody team anytime for more information.