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Fast approaching its one 100th birthday, Certo remains Britain’s favourite pectin brand by a clear mile. Used by countless commercial producers and millions of households across the country, Certo pectin has been refined, improved and enhanced on countless occasions over the course of nearly a century.

However, the basic formula that made Certo a success in the first place has changed very little over the decades. Tried, tested and trusted by the UK’s jam-making elite for generations, Certo pectin is the simple, old-fashion secret (or not so secret) to making fantastic jams and marmalades, every single time.

A True Veteran on the Scene

“We have been established since 1929, and our pectin is the product of choice for many home-made jam makers throughout the country. Certo is the only liquid form of pectin and helps jam makers achieve dependable results every time. Using Certo helps achieve a consistent set. With Certo jam making requires less boiling, resulting in a jam that retains the maximum flavour and colour.” - Certo

The fact that Certo is still a staple on the scene after nearly 100 years speaks volumes for its quality and consistency.

Manufactured using the skins of pressed apples and citrus fruits, pectin is an all-natural gelling agent that gives jam its signature consistency. Certo outperforms comparable pectin products by making it quicker, easier and more satisfying to produce world-class jam with every batch you cook up.

Comprised almost entirely of high quality natural ingredients, Certo also contains no animal-derived products whatsoever; which means - you guessed it - it’s 100% suitable for vegans. There are also no genetically modified ingredients in the mix. And Certo ensures that all products used to make its pectin are responsibly sourced.

Whether you’re planning your first batch of jam or something of a seasoned pro, you won’t regret switching to Certo. Besides guaranteeing a much easier ride, the quality and consistency of the results this stuff brings are beyond compare.

Why We Love Certo

Be honest, if there’s a faster and easier way of doing something without affecting the result, why wouldn’t you? That’s more or less why we love Certo in a nutshell; simplified jam-making processes and improved quality of the results.

There are thousands of different pectin products on the market, but none have earned the same widespread acclaim as Certo. It’s a staple in the jam-making toolboxes of experts and commercial producers across the country. So why not add it to your own pantry?

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