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Celestial Seasonings

Founded more than five decades ago, Celestial Seasonings was established with a single goal in mind; create a range of delicious teas from the most fabulous ingredients, as good for the planet as for the consumer.

Over the years, Celestial Seasonings became a noted pioneer in the development of interesting and experimental herbal brews; always going beyond the usual supermarket staples.

Celestial Seasonings is a subsidiary of Hain Celestial; an outspoken advocate of animal welfare, responsible sourcing and helping reduce excessive sodium and sugar consumption.

More importantly, Celestial Seasonings is the name in satisfying, soothing and seriously tasty herbal teas, crafted to perfection by the company’s own skilled artisans.

The Original Herbal Tea Company

“Back in 1969, we did more than just start a tea company. As the original herbal tea company, we started an entirely new way of thinking about tea. In a way, we started a movement – a shift towards healthier, happier little moments carved into ever-busier days. More than 45 years later, we’re still true to those roots. We believe our delicious teas improve people’s lives by inviting balance, and that belief drives our commitment to our customers, our community and our planet.” - Celestial Seasonings

The secret to success at Celestial Seasonings is really no secret at all. Instead, it’s the company’s commitment to combining and experimenting with a wide variety of botanicals to create unique infusions.

Just a few of the plants that have made it into the Celestial Seasonings collection of early years include; Blackberry Leaf; Carob; Chamomile; Chicory Root; Cinnamon; Eleuthero; Fennel; Ginger; Ginseng; Hawthorn; Hibiscus; Lemongrass; Liquorice; Luo Han Guo; Maté; Peppermint; Pomegranate; Rooibos; Rosehips; Slippery Elm; Spearmint; Stinging Nettle; Tilia Flowers; Tulsi (Aka Holy Basil) and Valerian.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing brew to perk you up or something to wind down with at the end of a busy day, look no further than Celestial Seasonings.

Based in Boulder Colorado, Celestial Seasonings sources more than 100 natural ingredients from 35 countries worldwide; three quarters of which are bought directly from local farmers to support smaller businesses.

From the hand-selected ingredients that go into every product to the 100% recycled paperboard used to package the finished article, Celestial Seasonings is still the herbal tea company for the conscientious consumer.

Why We Love Celestial Seasonings

Wholefoody loves Celestial Seasonings because… well, what’s not to love about them? Commitment to sustainability, some of the most creative herbal teas on the market and fabulous flavour in every sip. Simply put, they’re everything you could ask for and more.

You’ll find a range of some of Celestial’s most popular teas in our online catalogue, which we’re expanding on a regular basis with new and interesting additions.

Check back to see what’s new. Or contact the Wholefoody team anytime if you cannot find what you need featured here.