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Cawston Press

Creators of quality pressed juice since 1986, Cawston Press know their apples, and only pick the best-tasting varieties; including Cox's Orange Pippin, Bramley, Jonagold, Gala, Golden Delicious and Braeburn.

Promptly pressed at the peak of ripeness, their blends are all gently pasteurised before being poured into their special cartons, sealing in the goodness for your enjoyment, fresh as the day they’re pressed. With 10 apples to a carton, and even special blends for kids, Cawston are all about the best.

At Wholefoody, when we think of fruit and vegetables, we see acres upon acres of glorious orchards and fruit trees, laden with crisp and delicious wares. So it’s no real surprise that one of our favourite brands is Cawston Press, as once upon a time, a vast orchard was exactly how they started out.

Thirty years later, and Cawston Press have come a long way from the apple trees they began with. What we love, though, is that even today they’re a relatively small group of people dedicated to creating products that take their inspiration from nature. In their words, their products aim to evoke the taste and smell of summers past.

Orchard Origins

Co-founded by Simon Dunn and Stephen Unwin back in 1986, Cawston Press was originally known as Cawston Vale, and right from the start they created a soft drinks company that shone a light on all the things that are important to Wholefoody. Their pressed juice, fruit waters and sparkling drinks are kept totally natural, from the tree to the final product, which is why they’ve won so many awards for them!

At Cawston Press, the most important thing is making their products a pleasure to drink. Products that make you feel good about drinking them and are good for you too. The team at Cawston Press is entirely made up of individuals with a real understanding and love for great tasting, simple products that speak for themselves when it comes to flavour and quality. Which is why their products have no added sugars, false sugars, sweeteners or concentrates in them. In fact, they don’t take shortcuts at all.

Why we love Cawston Press

At Wholefoody, we strive to work with only the most natural brands, to bring you the best that nature offers; and as they say at Cawston Press, nature tastes best. Which means even their sparkling products don’t come with the guilt of most regular soft drinks. We all know that chemical-laden, sweetener-heavy sodas aren’t doing our bodies any good, so Cawston keeps it as simple as can be. Their sparkling drinks are just pressed juice and a little bit of fizz, totally relying on the natural sweetness of the fruit to provide flavour. No sugar, no muss, no fuss.

If their dedication to deliciousness wasn’t enough, Cawston Press know how to behave, too. Besides their all-natural kitchen garden ingredients, this is a company that understands its impact on the world. Which is why all of their Tetra cartons are recyclable, all of their cans are recyclable and, you’ve guessed it, all of their straws are recyclable too.

Of course, there’s more to good behaviour than packaging, but Cawston Press continually keep an eye out for better ways to be green, which means you can enjoy their products with no guilt at all, content in the knowledge that they’re a company that understands a sustainable, ethical lifestyle.

Of course, “ethical” can mean so much more than your carbon footprint, which is why this small company understands how much difference something small can make. Many of their products are also donated to amazing causes and local charities, and they give their staff the time they need to volunteer to the causes that mean the most to them. Because charity begins at home - or in this case, in the orchard.