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Captain Kombucha

The kombucha craze is here to stay, with hundreds of big brands entering the arena with their own creative concoctions. Sadly, to say ‘quality standards may vary’ would be something of an understatement; which is why we’re glad we’ve the likes of Captain Kombucha doing their thing.

Committed to 100% organic high quality kombucha, the Gutsy Captain Company embraces all that makes this fascinating foodstuff great. Now producing a wide range of products for health-conscious audiences across Europe, the Gutsy Captain Company continues to go from strength to strength as a trusted pioneer in its field.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality kombucha with a creative twist, look no further than the Gutsy Captain Company!

Free Spirits, Ambitious Minds, Inspired Creations

“At the GUTsy Captain Company, we want to inspire you to become the captain of your life. We see life as a sequence of choices and our role is to help you to choose wisely. We believe that what we put in our engine affects our overall wellbeing. So, for some net gains and naval goodness, wave goodbye to artificial drinks and try our Kombucha and Water Kefir ranges - it'll make your life plain sailing.” - The Gutsy Captain Company

The two friends behind the Gutsy Captain Company first came across kombucha during a trip to the United States.

Reputed to be an immortal health elixir, kombucha is an ancestral drink with supposedly remarkable healing health properties. They brought a bunch home to treat to their friends and family, only to learn an intriguing secret; their grandparents were already growing kombucha at home in Czechoslovakia 40 years prior.

And so, their obsession with this intriguing elixir was born - as was the Gutsy Captain Company. But rather than producing carbon copies of what was already available, they set their sights on growing and selling the most authentic and untainted kombucha on the market.

This resulted in the pair setting up their own kombucha farm in Portugal, where cultivation conditions are just about perfect.

Today, the Gutsy Captain Company remain fully committed to producing the highest-quality, 100% organic kombucha money can buy. Which combines a long list of potential health benefits with an unforgettable flavour.

Why We Love Captain Kombucha, aka the Gutsy Captain Company

At Wholefoody, we love the Gutsy Captain Company because it stands for everything organic products should be about. The highest quality unspoilt, untainted and unrefined ingredients, used to create fantastically natural products bursting with taste and nutritional goodness.

If kombucha is your thing, we strongly suggest checking out Gutsy Captain Company for yourself. And if it’s something you never tried before, there’s no better entry point; let the Gutsy Captain Company guide you into the wonderful world of kombucha!

Check out our full collection of products online and place your order for prompt delivery. Or contact the Wholefoody team anytime for more information.

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