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CanO Water

It’s not always necessary to come up with something completely unique to change the world. More often than not, you simply have to take a look at something that’s already out there. Then find a way to do it better.

And that’s precisely what the folks behind CanO Water did, with a concept that’s genius in its simplicity.

If recyclable aluminium is way better for the environment than single-use plastics, why haven’t we used it all along? Why are only select premium mineral waters packaged in aluminium cans, while everything else ships in single-use plastic bottles?

Time To Turn Off The Plastic Tap

“The more plastic we make, the more ends up in our forests, oceans or even our stomachs. In 2018 only 9% of plastic was recycled and that fell to 7% in 2019. When you consider every ton of plastic produced creates 5 tons of CO2, we don’t think that’s good enough. Recycling plastic clearly isn’t working. We believe switching to aluminium is the fastest solution to plastic pollution. It’s why we put water in a can.” - CanO Water

After conducting in-depth research into the recyclability of aluminium cans, the three friends behind CanO Water knew what they had to do. The facts were clear and the evidence was abundant, so CanO Water was established to do things differently.

Aluminium cans are superior to single-use plastic since in so many ways that it’s astonishing we still use so much of the latter.

Not only is aluminium recyclable, it is infinitely recyclable and can be repeatedly processed into new materials. Where aluminium is recycled efficiently, it can be back on the market in a variety of forms just 60 days after being thrown away.

This is why up to 75% of the aluminium used today was manufactured from raw materials back in the 1800s.

With every aluminium can that replaces a single-use plastic bottle, it’s one less piece of devastating waste to find its way into the world’s landfills and oceans.

CanO Water exclusively utilises the highest-quality water from a spring located in the Austrian Alps, with a high pH Level of 7.9 and increased alkaline concentrations. Famed for its remarkable purity, CanO Water also has a distinctively crisp taste for incredible refreshment.

Why We Love CanO Water

At Wholefoody, we love creative and innovative brands that demonstrate how making a difference isn’t always about reinventing the wheel. CanO Water is exactly such a brand; one which, by simply rethinking conventional approaches to packaging, is making a significant difference to plastic waste.

Of course, there’s also much to be said for the amazing taste of the Austrian spring water inside the can, and the company’s commitment to sustainability. All in all, a dynamic and forward-thinking brand we’re proud to support and recommend, here at Wholefoody.

Check out our full range of CanO Water products online. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find what you need on our website.