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When most companies drop the ball, it isn’t considered a good thing. When Bounce dropped its iconic ball almost two decades ago, nobody could have predicted what was to come next!

Bounce is on a mission to take smart snacking to an entirely new place, creating 100% natural treats that are almost too good to be true. Bursting with delicious flavour and seriously satisfying, Bounce’s now-legendary protein balls really are a dream come true.

Sweet, sticky and with a sublime squidgy centre, eating healthy never tasted so good!

An Incredible Global Success Story

“Our ethos is to grab life with both hands, have a go, try it out and be at your best! So, what better way to keep on top of your game and stay on the ball than with a nutritionally balanced snack, made with 100% natural ingredients. What started out as a local business in an Aussie coastal town, has expanded throughout the world. Fast forward to today and Bounce is the world’s number 1 energy ball. A Bounce protein ball is sold every 1.9 seconds globally!” - Bounce

Bounce was founded in 2004, when husband and wife team Paula & Andy Hannagan set their sights on creating an entirely different kind of healthy snack. Having previously worked as a personal trainer and life coach, their goal was to come up with something healthy, satisfying and with an undeniable feel-good factor.

A short while later, the Bounce protein ball was born…and the rest is history. One of the most successful snacks of its kind in the world, Bounce protein balls combine the enjoyment of a sweet and sticky dessert with the goodness of a 100% natural product, packed with key vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Bounce protein balls are designed to be the ultimate go-to snack for every lifestyle. Perfect for popping into your gym bag; a tasty treat to go alongside your midmorning coffee; the perfect way to finish a meal.

If you thought healthy snacking meant inevitably compromising on enjoyment, you’ve clearly never tried a Bounce protein ball!

Why We Love Bounce

Our love affair with Bounce should be pretty easy to understand at this point. At Wholefoody, we’re about the kinds of healthy snacks that prove you really can have it all; incredible flavour, sublime satisfaction and the feel-good factor of knowing you’re eating something that’s genuinely good for you.

With Bounce, the whole thing really does seem too good to be true. And with a new range of fabulous flavours being added to the mix over the years, there’s never been a better time to get a feel for what Bounce is all about.

Check out our full range of Bounce products online. Or contact at the Wholefoody team if you cannot find what you need on our website.

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