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Billy's Farm

Famed for its fabulous organic cookies made with no cane or beet sugar, Billy’s Farm has been a staple on the wholefoods scene for almost 40 years. By sweetening its products exclusively with syrups extracted from fruits and grains, Billy’s Farm produces a variety of organic snacks that are great for people with some types of common food sensitivities.

But it’s not all about catering to audiences with allergies. The sublime natural flavours at the heart of everything Billy’s Farm produces are a treat you simply have to experience first-hand.

Every bite of a Billy’s Farm cookie proves you really can have it all; fantastic flavour and the feel-good factor that comes with knowing you’re eating something that’s genuinely good for you!

A Small Bakery With a Big Dream

“When I started my own business, my philosophy was that as a small-scale bakery I should focus on healthier cookies. The first cookies were baked in the 1980s in a farm near Oudkerk along the Elfsteden route in Friesland. The old stables and cowsheds of the farm were converted to a small, but pleasant bakery. The unique location gave rise to the name Billy’s Farm.” - Klaas Bil, Billy's Farm

Billy’s Farm began with nothing more than an old kneading machine, a small roll-forming machine and an old oven. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for the company’s now-iconic muesli cookie to gain a major following. Particularly among health-conscious audiences across the country.

While the bakery has since moved from the farm it was established on, Billy’s Farm uses the exact same small-batch production methods today. Which is precisely why the company has upheld its stellar reputation among its local, national and international customers. Quality and consistency come as standard with everything Billy’s Farm bakes.

Today’s product line-up from Billy’s Farm represents a perfect blend of inspired innovation and traditional values.

The brand’s healthy and delicious cookies have been staples in wholefood stores for some time now, packed with natural goodness and bursting with flavour. Simple ingredients, classic recipes and a dash of creativity here and there - the Billy’s Farm success story in a nutshell.

Why We Love Billy’s Farm

We’re fans of Billy’s Farm for how they have shown upscaling doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or consistency. They’ve come a long way over the decades, but each and every Billy’s Farm cookie produced today is as fantastic as it has ever been.

Along the way, they’ve introduced a wide variety of new products and flavours into the mix; all built around the company’s core values. If you’re looking for something that’s good for you but every bit as decadent as something that isn’t, look no further than Billy’s Farm!

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