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“Billington’s have created what is, without doubt, the finest collection of quality sugars in the world.” Not our words, but the words of none other than Delia Smith herself. High praise from one of the UK’s most celebrated culinary icons, and testament to the remarkable range of sugars produced by Billington’s.

It’s easy to underestimate how big of a difference stepping up to higher quality sugar can make in the kitchen. Suddenly, your favourite recipes burst into life with the kind of flavour you didn’t even realise they were hiding!

Billington’s is famed for producing sugar of an entirely different calibre - perfectly unrefined and packed with flavour.

A Difference You Can Really Taste

“Our founding values of quality, integrity and fair trading, as well as our rich family heritage are still absolutely central to the way we do business today. We craft our sugars with precision, time and care. The skill is in stopping the process at exactly the right time, to create the many different types, flavours and colours that make up our full spectrum of sugar. Unrefined sugars of the highest quality, which we’re proud to produce, retain more of the cane sugar’s natural depth of colour and flavour.” - Billington’s

Billington’s history dates back to 1858, when Edward Billington and Son started their international coffee and tea trading business. They began importing sugar soon afterwards. But it wasn’t until much later in 1977 that Billington’s started importing the exquisite Mauritian unrefined brown sugars that would form the core of their current collection.

Billington’s sugar is truly unique; carefully crafted to lock in as much of the sugar cane’s natural molasses as possible.

Rather than producing a basic white granulated substance with little to no taste, Billington’s sugar is famed for its darker colour, natural richness and extraordinary depth of flavour.

The result; a tastebud-ignition punch that makes all the difference to all types of recipes, baked goods and anything you care to sprinkle it on!

Furthermore, Billington’s commitment to ethical sourcing has made a real difference to the local cane sugar producing communities in Mauritius. Integrity and responsibility have always been prioritised by Billington’s; a company that works hard to support small businesses and fund important local causes.

Why We Love Billington’s

At Wholefoody, we’re all about the manufacturers who take the uninspiring and make it remarkable; precisely what Billington’s has done with its full range of sugars. All of which are about as far removed from conventional refined sugar as it gets.

By taking things back to basics and locking in all the natural goodness of the cane, Billington’s sugars bring a whole new dimension of taste to any recipe that calls for the sweet stuff. And of course, anything that’s good enough for Delia Smith to wax lyrical about is more than good enough for us!

Check out our full range of Billington’s products online. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you cannot find what you need on our website.

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