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Atlantic Kitchen

Creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking hold the key to healthy eating that’s inviting and inspiring. In which case, why not experiment with more seaweed in the kitchen?

Established in 2012, Atlantic Kitchen was created with one noble goal; to bring one of the world’s most underrated and abundant superfoods to the masses. Seaweed has been a staple ingredient in the cuisines of many cultures for generations. Even so, it has traditionally slipped under the radar in the UK.

And that’s something Atlantic Kitchen is on a mission to change, with a fantastic range of 100% organic seaweed products you have to experience to appreciate.

The Sea’s Sensational Superfood Harvest

“Our aim is to help the world fall wildly in love with the sea’s sensational harvest. Seaweed is a wonderfully versatile savoury ingredient that also happens to be a naturally nourishing superfood packed with the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive. It’s my belief that there’s a sea leaf out there to suit every taste and to fit every recipe, you just need to know where to look. Our range is the perfect starting point for falling in love with eating seaweed.” - Atlantic Kitchen

It may not be the first superfood that comes to mind when planning a healthy meal. But trust us, the versatility of Atlantic Kitchen’s seaweed products is quite remarkable.

A simple Wakame salad; a delicious bowl of Sea Spaghetti; toasted Dulse sprinkled over pretty much anything you can think of; there’s no shortage of ways to get this gorgeous source of nutrients into your favourite foods.

Hence, the goal of Atlantic Kitchen isn’t simply to educate the public on the potential benefits of seaweed. It’s to make each and every open-minded eater who tries the stuff fall head over heels in love with it.

And from our own experience trying all three lines from Atlantic Kitchen, we can tell you they’re definitely onto something!

Easy to work with, fantastically versatile and spectacularly savoury, Atlantic Kitchen seaweed has more practical culinary applications than you’d believe. It’s also packed with a long list of key vitamins and minerals, with absolutely nothing artificial included in the mix.

Best of all, sustainability lies at the heart of the Atlantic Kitchen ethos; this is a company that works hard to put something back into the community, generate employment and generally make the Great British seaside that little bit more fantastic!

Why We Love Atlantic Kitchen

Wholefoody loves innovative and experimental brands that aren’t afraid to bring something entirely new to the wholefoods market. Atlantic Kitchen ticks both of these boxes in spades, with a compact yet compelling collection of products the likes of which you will not find from any other manufacturer.

Again, it’s not until you bring Atlantic Kitchen seaweed into your kitchen that you realise just how many fantastic applications it has. Check out the latest lines from Atlantic Kitchen in our online catalogue. Or contact the Wholefoody team if you can’t see the products you need featured on our website.