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Artisan Grains

To coin the somewhat cliché adage, Artisan Grains is a company that does exactly what it says on the tin! Established to show the world that there’s more to grains than the usual uninspiring staples, Artisan Grains has put its name to a compact yet compelling range of creative goodies.

All of which are, of course, 100% vegan and 100% irresistible!

Focusing heavily on quality over quantity, Artisan Grains has unleashed a modest 18 super-healthy products on the UK market. Having been refined and improved on countless occasions over the past decade, every ingredient, meal solution and snack from Artisan Grains really is as good as it gets.

Grains, But Not As You Know Them!

“We were delighted at the response across the Wholefood customer base. The timing was perfect since Ancient Grains were just beginning to be talked about in the media and by celebrity chefs, so there was natural interest in our products, and this has continued as we’ve developed the range further”. - Artisan Grains

Most would admit that the thought of grains in its own right isn’t particularly exciting or inspiring; something the founder of Artisan Grains could definitely relate to back in the day, becoming increasingly frustrated with the total lack of interesting grain-based products available on store shelves.

Sam Jacobi founded Artisan Grains back in 2012. And he cited uninspiring products and unclear information on product packaging as his motivations for doing so.

Having been in the health food game for over 20 years, Sam had a wealth of knowledge and experience already. He gradually developed a range of creative and comprehensively healthy products and ingredients for conscientious customers, innovating and experimenting as he progressed.

The result… a fantastically creative collection of unique vegan goodies; from novel Multi-Grain Couscous and Greenwheat Freekeh to Chia Seeds and Quinoa blends.

More recently, Artisan Grains launched its now-iconic nut roast mixes in 2013; a popular choice for pubs, restaurants and food service establishments across the UK.
So if you’re looking for a new take on grains that’s anything but bland and boring, look no further than Artisan Grains!

Why We Love Artisan Grains

At Wholefoody, we love Artisan Grains for reasons that should be self-explanatory at this point!

We firmly believe that the key to encouraging healthy lifestyle choices lies primarily in making it as interesting, exciting and delicious as possible to eat well and live well. And that’s something Artisan Grains has specialised in from day one, bringing a welcome breath of fresh air to the wholefoods market.

We’ve put together a diverse range of products from Artisan Grains, which we’re constantly revising and adding to with new and interesting items. Take a look at what’s on offer. Or contact the Wholefoody team anytime if you cannot find exactly what you need featured online.