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From Mexico to Sri Lanka to the further corners of the globe, Amaizin sets its sights on flavours and fragrances that set palates on fire.

Newcomers to plant-based living often believe the whole thing eventually becomes bland and boring; a worry dispelled the first time you taste anything from Amaizin. This is a brand on a mission to redefine deliciousness for vegans and vegetarians.

Amaizin does a great job of demonstrating how far creativity, innovation and cultural adventurousness go as a vegan or a vegetarian. Specialising in a wide range of exotic and indulgent food products from around the world, Amaizin provides the blueprint you need for an unforgettable meal.

Whether looking for a tasty organic snack to enjoy with a movie or something seriously exotic to spice up your creations, it’s all right there in the ever-expanding Amaizin collection.

Fabulous Flavours from Around the World

“Here at Amaizin we travel the globe, working with the finest local producers, to create our delicious, organic snacks and exotic meal ingredients. Our products are inspired by local recipes, from Mexico to Sri Lanka, and everything in between. And you can taste that!” - Amaizin

As you probably know by now, innovation and creativity hold the key to decadent dining experiences; both of which are areas Amaizin excels in. This brand spends its time exploring the world in search of new and interesting local dishes to bring home to customers.

To date, Amaizin has put its name to a long list of 100% plant-based and responsibly sourced snacks and meal ingredients from around the world. A few examples of which include authentic Asian curry pastes, super-indulgent coconut products, soya bean noodles, tortilla wraps and many more besides.

A thrilling culinary adventure that instantly transports you to far-off shores, brought to you by the experts at Amaizin.

Why We Love Amaizin

Wholefoody loves Amaizin because we can’t get enough of those exotic ingredients and experimentation in the kitchen. We also like being able to pop open a bag of organic snacks and dive into something delicious and different on a whim. Both of which are among the many specialties of Amaizin, making them one of our top-pick brands.

As an added bonus, they also offer a pretty extensive archive of fabulously flavourful recipes, demonstrating how to make the best possible use of their exotic ingredients. Amaizin supports the plant-based movement, takes inspiration from all over the world and demonstrates total commitment to sustainability.

Seriously…what’s not to like?

Check out the full range of Amaizin products online in our current collection; or contact the Wholefoody team anytime if you cannot find what you need featured on our website.

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