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A proud pioneer of the plant-based eating movement, Alpro has been putting its name to exceptionally popular vegan and vegetarian products for more than 40 years.

The mere mention of the Alpro brand is enough to envisage dreamy desserts, delicious plant-based milk substitutes and all manner of fantastic foodstuffs.

One of Alpro’s key strengths has always been its ability to recreate a near-endless list of dairy products more accurately and consistently than any comparable producer. Using either non-GM soya beans, coconuts, almonds, hazelnuts, rice or oats, the wizardry these folks are capable of when cooking up plant-based alternatives is incredible.

In recognition of the company’s commitment to combine social and environmental goals with financial success, Alpro officially became B Corp certified in 2018.

Mapping Out a Sustainable Future

''Millions of people are more aware of the personal and environmental benefits of plant-based foods and drinks. Our brand has a mission to promote more flexitarian diets. We want to keep bringing more choice, variety and taste, and that's why innovation lies at the heart of what we do at Alpro.'' - Alpro

Now selling an extensive range of products in more than 50 countries worldwide, Alpro is a success story of epic proportions. However, all this fame and fortune has in no way diminished the brand’s commitment to responsibility, sustainability and contributing to a brighter future.

Specifically, Alpro has pledged to support a major global shift towards more widespread plant-based eating by 2025. In addition, the company has outlined a series of further commitments to the planet and its people; including but not limited to the following:

  • Increasing its use of recyclable packaging from the current 76% to 100%
  • Spearheading further initiatives to improve biodiversity and reduce water consumption
  • Turning 50% of volumes into a recognised source of dietary fibre
  • Bringing even more diversity into the portfolio, using at least 9 different plant-based ingredients
  • Pursuing concrete climate ambitions for zero carbon, zero water, zero waste

Effectively, Alpro intends to continue supporting and accelerating a true global ‘Food Revolution’ first set in motion by its parent company, Danone.

Why We Love Alpro

At Wholefoody, we’re all about brands and businesses that go the extra mile to produce truly decadent products doing their bit for the environment. As Alpro does way more than a bit to support the cause, they’ve earned our full support and admiration!

Perhaps more importantly, there’s no producer of plant-based alternatives right now that gets the job done quite as well as Alpro. These are the kinds of products that make going plant-based an absolute joy - even for those who never believed they could live without dairy.

Check out our full range of products from Alpro and check back regularly to see what’s new; or contact the team at Wholefoody anytime if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.

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